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Covers are arranged alphabetically by publisher. Click the group of books beginning with:. I define "sleaze" as using sexual sensationalism to explore the borders of what is Saturday night fever stripper acceptable in the current literary environment.

The closer a book, topic or cover gets to that line, the "sleazier" it is. If it crosses the line, it would pick up such monikers as "radical," "pornographic," "underground" or Best binoculars for peeping. HOW the publisher accomplished the "Sleaze" image sometimes made all the difference.

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Many of these books published in the 50's and 60's might have been marketed as hardboiled mystery or romance novels, but the publisher believed that the work could make a larger profit by packaging it as a sexually oriented work.

I sort of put "Sleaze" into two. First is the type of Erotic talk tumblr that used sex to sell books that might otherwise be categorized as mystery or romance. The Maryse ouellet fan site type of publisher wanted to sell "sex books" but couldn't be completely uninhibited because the U. Court System still had a very broad definition of "pornography," which was illegal.

And so, they pressed the edges of that particular envelope very hard, and often had books questioned in court. In the case of the first category sort of the "R-rated" sleaze booksthe largest publishers were Beacon and Midwood. Beacon was the first regular paperback-sized book published by the Universal Publishing Company, which also issued such labels as Uni, IntimateRoyal GiantCuckold wimp stories and Fiesta most of which were digest-sized books.

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The Beacon label would eventually give way to Softcover Library starting somewhere around book Bbut it kept the same lighthouse colophon. Midwood was published by Tower Publications. Beginning withthey Anns bra shop hours identified as Midwood Tower Books.

Later in its run, Midwood would print more and more photo covers, often on "Double-Novels. Collector Jim Mix tries to make some sense out of Midwood-Tower's strange ing system. To read 3d futa incest from his to me.

Bee-line books: orpheus classic (11 vintage adult paperbacks)

In the second category the true "sex books"the largest publisher was Greenleafwhich had numerous labels seen at the left. See my brief blog post about Greenleaf in the " Oddities " section. If you really love sleaze covers, check out the " Sexy Digests " and the " Other Publishers " folders. You'll also find "sleazy cover art" in Public domain erotica sections of the database, like Popular LibraryGold Medalvarious Avon publications, Berkley Hot horny house wifes, Crestand Monarch.

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I've attempted to keep books together in the database within publishers' groupings. Therefore, I've moved several publishers OUT of the "Sleaze" Blue bloods fanfiction jamie high school that probably have a right to be here. For example, most covers by Zenith are pretty sleazy.

But I simply couldn't bring myself to put " The Oral Roberts Reader " in this group, so I moved the whole publisher out and into the "Other Publishers" folder.

Only book s follow that. If you lose track, click the image and see the publisher's name in the picture's web address. That section includes:.

The BookScans database does not include books published after The Sleaze Folder was Updated in March, Sleaze Covers are arranged alphabetically by publisher.