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I hunting for friend that biker stories

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Biker Fiction Stories

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Ujjwal Dey writes fascinating variables of Biker Fiction, shifting from loner to posse riders and from murder to romance.

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JJ, a former Mouseketeer season 2managed to throw off the shackles of Uncle Walt to become one of the most talented and original writers of bikerfic.

His work deserves a major revival. One of these My sisters pussy story Some of the stories in these things are LONG, and they can be fairly plotless. Hey, they can't all be as kick-ass as my own "Gone Shootin'" Easyrider-fiction-tribute-attempt on the blog - shameless self-plug!

I was talking to the late Mississippi writer Larry Brown once at a book-ing and he said he got his first stuff published in Easyriders. And he went on to be purty respectable.

No bikes, but it's Who is aria giovanni kinda Easyrider-ish, with all the beer, coffee, cigarettes, and shotgun pellets. I have all three of the volumes I got lucky and found the first two on a "all these books are a quarter" table at used bookstores way back in the day, before they were rare. The one you've got I found in a grocery store!

I was super-glad to find it at the time 'cuz I had a biker girlfriend, and thought she'd be pleased I was reading it She later really hated it when it turned into a "motorcycle Elaine benis naked said with great contempt magazine instead of an outlaw biker mag. Anyhow, I think you actually got the most memorable book with the best stuff.

It's the only one I actually remember stories from. Henry-esque at the time.

And I seldom pass a semi without thinking of "T'anks a Lot Muthatrucker. I think there was another maybe cut out of the UK version where a guy fools an enemy into thinking he's hiding in a box that he has delivered to his house, so Yandere harley quinn enemy - thinking he's foiling an ambush -- shoots it full of holes Another twist that stuck with me.

Thanks for the comments, guys! Zwolf that's great you were able to pick these up for cheap.

You are correct, the story you mention about the dude hiding in a box is not in this Star Book, but I'm betting it's in their second anthology. Thanks also for the note on the Joe Australian family nudism. Loved the story about your old biker girlfriend!

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