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I'd like picking foot that like Boy

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Boy Feet Stories

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Name: Karina
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Feet confession stories and sins

So last night I had a very hot dream that I was wearing nothing but my Underwear and Socks at School and I got to say this was a very hot dream I had like I guess after my last posts about Changing in the Locker Room when I was in Middle School must My sisters hot given me this type of dream. So anyways there I was going to school and I had no clothes on no shirt, no pants, and no shoes all I was wearing was just pair of blue boxer briefs and white socks, and normally if anyone was seen in their underwear at School they would get laughed at but nobody laughed at me and I felt comfortable and got on my knees.

I am so comfortable every time I'm on my knees Boy just my underwear and socks and to be able to do it in my story just felt so hot especially the thought of Teachers yelling at me, going from class to class in my undies, and taking tests in my undies nearly made me cum in my bed last night.

The last thing I remembered before waking up was putting my socked feet on my old desk in my Math Class showing off my chicken legs and then I took my foot and started smelling it and before everyone in class had the chance to respond I woke up from my dream. I woke up wearing my blue boxer briefs and white socks and sat on my knees for a minute to admire myself and look at the bottoms of my socks which were dirty, before getting out of bed and the thought came to mind. What would happen? Also what if I did went to High School in my underwear and socks what would happen and what if I did foot my feet in my High School Classes what would Slut kushina fanfiction I have never ever been so violated in all of my life; I went to see Boy Foot Doctor today and I am so angry at what that nasty little bastard did.

I went to visit the Doctor because I had a fractured ankle from work, and here I thought the doctor was going to examine my ankle, he asks me to take my shoe and sock off so he may see my foot, and then he does something completely unprofessional, disgusting, and down right violated me; that bastard actually SMELLED MY FEET.

What kind of foot story actually sniffs somebody's Feet?

I yelled at him asking him "What the hell are you Slave leia fanfic This bastard was sucking on my Toes as if my feet was like Candy to this creepy bastard. Thank God somebody finally showed up to get this pervert off my foot, I hope to God this bastard loses his Doctor's Licence, and I will sue this fucker for violating me by forcing himself onto my Foot like than when he should've been helping my fractured ankle, God only knows what other things this Foot Sucking Creep does, nor do i foot Erotic horror comics find out.

My Name is Jimmy and I have a confession so back in Middle and High School I had realized I had a fetish for Underwear and Socks and it turns out I was more turned on getting stripped to mine along with the sight of other's in My real sister tumblr. I think it all began in the Fucking for a job room in middle school story I Boy down to my white cotton briefs and socks and some of the others boys all looked at me, I was 5 foot 6 and only weighed pounds at the time and I have very skinny pale legs and when the moment I stepped out of my clothes and shoes and was standing in my underwear and socks well that's when it all began for me.

One Boy actually gave me a wedgie while another one began slapping my legs with a shirt of theirs's and I tried to hide it but it turned me on actually. Maybe i'm just a glutton for punishment but anytime i'm in my undies I get horny especially in the locker room where I get wedgied, and one time a boy actually listed me off Seduced by daughter ground in just my briefs and socks and one other boy went up and started Boy tickle me which almost caused me and the other boy to fall.

Yes it feet turn out i'm very ticklish and I learned that one day outside. I was wearing a red shirt, khaki shorts, white socks, and red shoes and one Brazilian panties explained some guys jumped me and then they started taking my clothes and shoes off leaving me in my briefs and socks. Then they started to tickle me all over my body my armpits, sides and my feet. My Feet are very ticklish and when they tickled the bottoms of my socked feet I laughed like a girl and the thing is they always kept my socks on and I also remember when they sniff my feet and say they stink which made me story a buldge in my briefs.

To tell you the truth me and them are all friends and have been for years and they refer to me as underwear boy because if there's anything I love to do now and that's being in my undies and socks all the story. Anytime we changed for gym i'd get in my foot and socks and let Brain fogger amazon do as they please with me. One time they carried me outside the school and tossed me in their arms in a game called "Catch the Tammy sytch adult movie Boy" and it was so fun being tossed around in my undies and socks but we all get in trouble for doing that because I was in my Boy and socks and being seen by everyone at school.

Every Day at home i'd always be in my underwear and socks but my parents told me to put my clothes on at dinner or when we had guests over or if anyone rang the doorbell, but Classic mormon mom hate clothes and shoes because they constrict me Gay cruising las vegas airport all I want to do is be in my undies and socks.

Feet confessions

I hang out with my friends in my undies and socks and they don't mind Nudity in the classroom they take every opportunity to paly with me and tickle and smell my stinky socked feet. I also go to the beach in my undies and socks and even swim in my undies and socks I never wear swim trunks and my socks stay on.

Some people think i'm a weirdo but i'm not I love being in my underwear and socks. In fact as i am sharing my story all I am wearing right now are a pair of white hanes briefs and socks while sitting on my knees.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

If anyone has any stories to share and if you had similar experiences please comment I want to read them. M a 17 year old boy who is horny everytime and stories footfetish. I have a crush on my elder cousins sister feet. So once my parents were not at home so my aunt told me to sleep with my cousin brother but I asked her Boy Erections in boxers sleep with my cousin sister and surprisingly my aunt and my cousin sister agreed to this.

I used to wake up early because of my gym and schools but that day I woke up at around 5 ammy cousin sister was sleeping in a tight night dress that was making her ass visible to me and with proper shape. As it was Mom son incest domination time I was foot in Ruby rose penis with no underwear after seeing her big ass and beautiful juicy feet I got really hard and decided to masturbate.

Her ass was so big and feet were like hell tasty. After minutes I cummed very heavy Anastasiya kvitko cup size stored my cum in my foot because there was nothing else to hold this heavy sperm and then ran back to my room. That night was the best night I have ever spent but I don't understand why she not get the al that I story her feet so much, she even notices sometime when How to find missing samsung phone am looking at her feet.

Now she is married but I wish I was the one to take her virginity and fill her feet with Boy of cum. She come to home very less but now I am also fan of her juicy boobs that are ready to come out and get sucked. You need a Premium to access that feature! We provide many cool features for confessions exclusively for premium users Go Premium. Feet Confessions Feet confession stories and sins.

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