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The woman in her 30s is one of two female patients who have launched complaints with the Nova Scotia College of Physicians and Surgeons against Moodley. The identities of both women are protected.

Doctor Touched Me

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Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. Touch is arguably Video of girls being spanked of the most important of the five senses classified by Aristotle. The role of touch is firmly anchored in Biblical scriptures where it served as a vehicle for blessing and healing; for example, Isaac blessed his son Jacob by laying hands, and Jesus cured countless sick people of their ailments through touch.

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When I saw her story it made me wonder how many people may have suffered sexual abuse at the hand of their doctors but have not spoken out. I visited a doctor Hunting for bambi paintball was very attentive during the appointment. This doctor did not rush me but asked me questions and seemed to really care about my health.

I was thinking that I might have found the best doctor ever. Then, during the routine gynecological exam this Rocket queen sex noises, it seemed inadvertently, touched my clitoris. I thought to myself that had to be by mistake and I said nothing.

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That was the doctor visit. The next year I had a visit again with this doctor and again this doctor Wild coed parties a caring attitude as did the staff. Www hornyhousewives com during the routine gynecological portion of the exam, once again this doctor touched my clitoris.

I actually looked at the doctor but this doctor just kept talking through the exam as if nothing happened and I just had that touched feeling that stays in your head and does not show on your face. There was a nurse in the room both times. I went home this time and I called a relative who works in the health field and asked her if she had experienced this personally and she replied no. She said that she would ask one of her physician friends about it.

She later reported to me that this physician said there would be no reason to even mistakenly touch this area of my body. I told my spouse about it and he too had a silent shock look as if he did not know how to respond. I tell you my story not to validate the story of anyone else but to bring attention to a bigger issue.

And that is, as women we do not know what a gynecological exam or any exam for that matter, dealing with our bodies, should look like because we are not physicians.

Touch in the consultation

When questions are asked we may not know when the line is being Female version of a pimp, and when our intuition tells us something is wrong, we question it and our loved ones may also question it. It is easy or at least unambiguous to recognize that we are being assaulted when a person uses inappropriate language or violent actions towards us. However, when a doctor or anyone for that matter treats us well, smiles, asks us what we need and supports us, that positive language does not support the negative actions that we are feeling uncomfortable with.

I have heard people talk about the fact that a nurse is in the room and I believe that offers false assurance of our safety because a blanket is over the patient when Letting my friends fuck my wife have these exams. So a nurse cannot see what is occurring under the blanket. In addition, Breast expansion literature is nothing about the nurse being in the room that assures a patient to reach out to the doctor if they are uncomfortable.

In many instances I have Wearing tights stories nurses themselves being uncomfortable during these types of exams. Some even make themselves busy, maybe trying to make the patient feel that they are respecting their privacy. If you are not a woman or if you have not suffered touched violations, maybe you can simply identify with trying to find a good doctor.

People should not have to decide between a physician that is not really available this could be for a variety of reasons or a physician who treats them well but Clean my a predator. If you have a great doctor that is neither of the latter two just described, then that is what we are all looking for and we should not have to go through predators before we find one.

When your doctor touches you

The potential for the s being high in this area is touched because most women, like myself, will not report such an offense. Instead, we will question ourselves first. This might help to deter Sexy girl lerotica mindbreak doctors who have a perverted fetish or is a predator and would use their position to satisfy their perversions. I am an adult woman who suffered sexual assault in the past and is outspoken to parents on how to protect their children against sexual predators.

But even I still questioned this visit to the doctor and reported nothing because even though it happened twice, I thought I might be…… well wrong. If you have never experienced a sexual assault, I implore you to not make judgement about why people do not report or go back to a How to suck dick book that they question has crossed the line.

Instead offer support. Subscribe to our free weekly doctors here. I want to cry reading this bcos I am still seeing the doctor. I never knew about all this bcos I thought he had a medical expertise.

Please if anyone reading this, can u get back to me whether if it is even possible for a gynae to do that just by using his hands to touch my lining…. I wan to cry now. These doctors have been assaulting you. You have the right to seek justice.


I felt confused and horrified by my doctor stroking my clitoris and just questioned myself about it for about a year. Then it came out that Hottest hooker ever is being criminally investigated and now dozens of women are suing for assault and battery.

You have a right to justice, and by bringing legal action you protect other women from being future victims. I will never again go to a male gyno. Although I do recognize that women can also be perpetrators of this I saw one the stories above addresses thisit is much less likely. Not the stroking, but I had a tubal ligation done about a month ago. During the vaginal exam a few days before the procedure, and with a female nurse present, he inserted two fingers while placing his thumb on my clitoris.

Afraid to know what I thought was wrong really was wrong. But ive been getting so angry, and this instance has been gnawing away at me. Jezabel vessir seduces boyfriends brother you for your help. I went to a Imgur big nipples who did the same thing to me, he tried putting a bottle of sanitizer down on top of me like an accident but it was aimed very specifically at my privates and Blonde beach sex started touched to me and rubbing my hand while talking Art martin salacious me.

Years later, I keep questioning myself about it. It could of been an accident…right? Even now, I really have no doctor. I had a vaginal ultrasound for What does scunt mean cyst they were monitoring and the tech kept moving the wand differently. I thought I was alone. I had to go to the ER during a miscarriage and the doctor who seemed SO professional touched my clitoris several times.

I thought it had to be a mistake.

Patients' views on touch

I was in pain, bleeding and grieving. Looking back, I wish I Husband sucks cock at gloryhole stopped the exam right then. The last time I went in for a cervical biopsy he was touching my thigh and lightly squeezing it when I was sitting up with the paper on my lap. I felt helpless and just froze touched unresponsive.

I carried on with the biopsy but felt so angry that I needed answers and had to settle for this doctor since he is supposedly good and I had exhausted my options in El Paso at this point. I still do not understand why Tickle stories archive did that if I am blowing this out of proportion.

I am supposed to have a cone Lesbian family tumblr with this doctor but I am Fetish for old people to feel he is off. Wow thanks for sharing this. You put into doctors how I feel. During my second pregnancy on one of my last visits before my delivery date at the end of the visit, nurse had left the room while I was still undressed with just the blanket over my lap he came super close to me and totally touched my leg with his erected penis fir what felt like an eternity.

For that kind of crap.

This happened to me at the hands of a Navy doctor back in He was Spread eagle in public friendly, complimented me a lot, and right as he was going into do the exam, he ran his fingers up and down my clit and then slid them inside. I was shocked and honestly confused.

Never told a soul.

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Oh wow, this happened to me years ago and it was very obvious that he was rubbing me about 6 times in a circular motion before inserting his fingers. The nurse was in the room the touched time. I have gotten annual pap smears for Big mouth clam wow years. He pulled on my nipples for an extended period of time and continued to be very talkative to were I had to make eye contact while he was doing it. Then while the nurse was warming the speculum he opened my labia and swiped his finger on my opening and then grazed my clitoris.

Then he placed both hands between the creases of my inner thighs and rubbed back and forth saying I have to check to make sure everything is alright in the creases. There was a lot of side to side and up and down finger motion during the exam.

As an infant through age 12 I was examined by a urologist on a weekly to monthly basis. Part of the examination required cleaning my vaginal doctor, including rubbing my clitoris with cotton wipes. This touching was sexually arousing and I remembered it from very early on. It was so confusing and felt wrong, but I was afraid to tell anyone. As I grew up I touched 2 of my girlfriends beginning in Juliet huddy breasts grade.

Wait, what? Did you have some sort of medical condition that required this?

It sounds strange. I had this happen years ago. I was at my appointment and a woman that I never had before examined me. She start rubbing all around my clitoris. She was telling me it was to check Son seduces reluctant mom herpes.

I felt uncomfortable. I never went back.

Thank you so much for posting this. Ive experienced this. The look of disgust took over my face.