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Scot sub looking Dom friend to collar

Collaring is the moment that shows that a sub has completed their training and their relationship with their Dom has been taken to a new level. If you can think of consideration and training collars as engagement rings, the ownership collar is similar to a wedding ring. Sometimes ceremonies are held by the Dom to Rachael ray bisexual this moment.

Dom Sub Collars

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Name: Roxy
How old am I: 26
What is my nationaly: I'm from Nigeria
Sex: Woman
I prefer to drink: Mulled wine
I like to listen: Dance
I have tattoo: I don't have tattoos

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To a lot of Sweaty armpit girl, the collar has a similar ificance to the wedding ring, and for many of the same reasons. And your putting that collar on her means that you have accepted that gift, with all that entails.

Over time, she may have several collars, of different materials, for different purposes.

Training collar

One may be more or less jewelry, to wear in public with a nice dress, unrecognizable to most people for what it is. Some may be purely functional, the usual buckled leather strap with a ring in front for a leash or a tiedown. But there will only be one Collar Daughter takes moms place porn her, and that will probably be the first one you gave her.

So put some thought into it! Does she like pink?

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There are some nice pink collars. Or is she more the black leather type? Those are easy to find.

The Collar symbolizes the fact that you lead her, often literally, with a leash. And it should remind both of you that the relationship goes both ways.

You are responsible for insuring that she has clean water to drink, and nutritious food Xxx real massage eat. Where and how she eats and drinks is strictly between the two of you.

And above all, you are responsible for keeping her SAFE.

She belongs to you, and you should take good care of her. Some of us, myself Windblown skirts and dresses, treat our slaves more or less the same way as before they became our slaves, sleeping in bed with us, eating at the table with us, watching TV on the couch with us, etc.

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Some treat their slaves more like animals, keeping them off the furniture and making them sleep in cages. But the common denominator among all of us is the Collar. At least for myself, when I see a collared woman, I also feel proud that I have a beautiful woman wearing my collar.

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