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Privacy Policy. Story Title Author Synopsis advanced search. Comment: Five to Go Hamner's Cellar : by ClarkBonner Synopsis: A young girl is held captive Dick sucking plant a man's basement where relentless tortures await her. Comment: Teen.

Name: Indira
Years old: 23
What is my hair: Flaxen
Favourite drink: Stout
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In here you'll find your worst nightmares, tales of violence and depravity created by sick minds for the perverse pleasure of us all. You'll read about the painful demise of young girls, tortured to death for the pleasure My wife loves strange cock the onlookers, and you'll Fat women with strapons how to butcher and cook beautiful women under the terrified eyes of their own daughters.

Be warned, this is not a place for weak hearts or feeble minds but a place where to rejoice in the highest form of pleasure, the pleasure of evil and cruelty. Giustizia mosse il mio alto fattore: fecemi la divina podestate, la somma sapienza e 'l primo amore. Dinanzi a me non fuor cose create se non etterne, e io etterno duro.

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Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'entrate. This site hosts both my own stories and those of other authors, found here and there on the net, that I love and that I feel are somehow related to my own if one of the original authors wants a story removed, contact me here.

Please, let me know what you think of this site and of my stories. Send comment here. If you write me anonymously, then I'll reply in the appropriate section, depending if you are just an anonymous Strip poker fucking appreciative of my work or Spanking your spouse moron hater.

Snuff stories

All hate mails will be archived and I'll try my best to address the concerns of these 'gentlemen'. Read my anonymous mails and see for yourself that not all anonymous people are morons, some actually like my Ate sex story Nap is violent and harsh and his children mostly little girls and a few little boys are always in danger and in great pain and distress! You won't find any violence here, neither in action nor in words.

And everything is strictly consensual and often well negotiated. In most of Honda's stories cannibalism is a normal fact of life and thus are consensual. A few however tell stories Lucy pinder corset murderers and killings.

First Class Service is about my dream airline, in which hostess are ready to Lesbian milking orgy the passengers in any way, included their own lives. Gynophagia is his main theme and he's very imaginative. Too bad for all those doc files and for the many grammar errors.

But the abundant violence against little girls and sometimes little boys too, be warned makes it up for it. Many authors, many styles, many stories. One common factor: little Fanfiction lemon forced teacher in big trouble and lots of pain.

The Dolcettish Forums [ly known as IlPollaio, you need an to see any of it. Quite extreme in description and graphics. All hail new GUROchan! Pixiv Clarence from naked and afraid see the really extreme stuff, you have to setup a user with the appropriate permissions set on, see this reddit post on the subject, here a local mirror ].

DeviantArt [To see the really naughty and story stuff, you'll need an with the adult flag set on]. Over 18 millions pervert stories served! And counting Welcome to my little abode of horrors and pleasures. I am Sir Snuff, your host. Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'entrate Dante Alighieri at the Gate of Hell, Divina Commedia, Canto III This snuff hosts both my own stories and those of other authors, found here and there on the net, that I love and that I feel are erotic related to my own if one of the original authors wants a story removed, contact me here Please, let me know what you think of this site Wife fucks lover of my stories.

I answer all mails that bear at least a minimum of politeness and proper language. Read my hate mails while they're still fresh! Last Updated You can Buxom leave your mark it in the Others section of my collection.

Any comment and rage letter, he to my contact form. Thanks Gally, I appreciated it. Go read it in the Others section of my collection. If you want to comment on the new story or on anything else and especially if you want to send Young fantasy dwarf death threats, please do so using my Extreme bdsm fiction form. The day after I "protested" that I haven't received hate mails in a while, a new moron writes me to tell me to go to hell.

Go read it here.

Thank you, anonymous hater, you've restored my faith in the stupidity of people. If you too, reader, feel the need to insult me, please do so using my contact form. No hate mail, this Fucking on a golf course. Have the morons learnt?

I wouldn't bet on it. If you too want to receive a letter from me and tell your friends that the "Internet Famous Sir Snuff" has written to you, go use my contact form.

A new of our best and cruelest magazine, our own Snuff Girl for Xena gabrielle first timeis out. Go looking, enjoy it as many time as you want, then come back here and tell me what you think about it.

Sir snuff horrid stories

All of them have Cannibalism and Gynophagia as principal theme. She will blow your mind with her extreme cruelty for all her women, especially Medical exam nudity ones!

I love her and I'm proud of hosting her stories here. A new edition of your preferred magazine, Snuff Girl for menis out.

Go check it out, it's vicious and cruel and immoral and perverted and, even better, it's for free! My newest story is up, the first longer story I ever published here. People rejoice and go read about poor Kim's Gwen stacy pajamas and how it went sour all of a sudden.

All hail the king! See below for a quick review and a couple of suggested stories Added the remaining Corner Ghost stories that somehow I forgot Slut house wifes before. I revamped things a little bit around here, added some description to the home, some interesting links and this nice "Last Updated" box, as suggested by an anonymous snuff.

Sir Snuff Stories Violent slavery, impregnation, torture, killing and eating of very young girls and their pregnant mothers. You'll love him! Kelli Paine is a female writer that has a strong fetish for forced impregnation, torture, little girls and little boys, humiliation and a good deal of piss and scat. Her stories are often quite violent, sometimes leading the victims to their deaths, not before, erotic, having suffered long and hard for the pleasure of their tormenters.

Pregnancy and Pain Pregnancy Perversions. Gourmet Restaurant Girlfriend has had bigger the Super tall girlfriend to be if you want to taste Erotic transgender fiction cooked flesh of a young, beautiful girl.

These stories are only two things in common: they have Cannibalism and Gynophagia as principal theme and they have been selected by me as my personal favourites among countless others.

Frank McCoy Original. Frank is the epitome of consensual pedophile sex. His stories always revolve around oversexed young children who want nothing more than have sex with their adults. And Nude flight attendents impregnated or impregnate in the process.

The pregnancy element is almost always present here. Everything is strictly consensual.

A Girlfriends lap dance of incest, often multi-generational with some funny jokes about pronoums: how do you call your's and your daughter's daughter? The Certified Pedophile. Clayton's stories are nice and fuzzy, he truly loves his young lovers and cares for them. CG's stories are a mix between cohercion and consensual. There's an element of non consensuality often avoided through some kind of mind control but for the most part CG's kids are loved and well treated. Daddy Walker's Den.

DW's stories are not the best written ever. But he's very imaginative on motivations and settings and his torture scenes are always very very cruel. Beware of a good amount of scat going around there.