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Ukrainian pee looking up project for flirtbook

Forgot your password? Or in with one of these services. This website has many groups concerning desperation and wetting.

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Forgot your password? I remember being able to find so many amazing stories and encounters on there. Whether or not they were true, i don't know. But i didn't particularly care! One post I distinctly remember was a supposedly true story that went along the Man fucks 2 mares of the following:. This girl went round here friends house every day after school and by the time the got there, they were both bursting for a pee.

Name: Rosalyn
How old am I: 18
Where am I from: Finnish
Sex: Girl
What is my favourite music: Dance

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I am about to a of stories and confessions that I found at www. Which is very fortunate, because almost all stories with a sexual content had been removed. My husband wears my pantyhose I'd like to ask the authors first, I won't anything for the next week or two, and I assume I won't get any answer from many of the members I intend to contact.

Should I get an o.

Should I get no response whatsoever after 1 or 2 weeks, I intend to post what I Wife one night stand confession anyway - there are some pretty original stories, which deserve to have an audience, in my opinion. Still have an at EP:. Could not be found by me at EP:. Of the members named above, the following names reappear:.

If you are one of the persons listed above regardless if you have an here with the original or a new, different nameplease let me know what you wish regarding this matter. If anyone knows any of the persons above, and knows they don't want their stories to be re- ed by someone else, please let me know as well.

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This way I wont have to create two thre for the same author. Both Autumin Peach and that of Puddyls. Are current members on here.

That you can contact by P. WantonLee I see in you list a wiccanprincess. Would there by any change be an by her?

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I do Hope that you might have saved some experiences fro a Female Memberusername of Seeds As she really enjoyed in peeing in public as well as in private. That of wetting Herself too. Piss in moms ass can still "search" EP, you just gotta be clever. And it's a pain in the ass. Just google the name of the person whose stories you wanna view, and add "site:experienceproject.

Make sure you're logged out of EP. THEN you'll be able to find a lot of stories again. Though all of Her stories were still there The thrill demon hunter under the title of Deleted in name only.

The conversation

So as it has turned out. Taking hatman 's tip and searching for "peeing site:experienceproject. You can of course be more specific and search for something like "pee carpet". Here is one about a girl who knew someone who peed on carpets in their house, but couldn't bring herself to do so, Men groping tits a guy she met Mean face fuck watersports and she went back to her friend for advice, ending up overcoming her difficulties and peeing on the carpet.

Thanks for the time and effort you spent retrieving the stories from EP! I stopped reading on there a while ago when their UI College coeds stripping search became borderline unusable, but there's plenty of good stuff on there for naughty peeing enthusiasts. As mentioned above, customized google searches does work, but its a bit of an annoying way to find the content you want.

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Display as a link instead. Clear editor. or insert images from URL. Experience Project: Stories and Confessions. Followers 2. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts.

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WantonLee Posted September 14, Posted September 14, So, currently the list of authors is as follows: Still have an at EP: bangcasanova fantasy hornyv ilovenb jaqueline kitty Mabel4 Metoo mmartin86 pissygurl secretpeegirl Sickgurl Syndi23 wiccanprincess Wildegrrrl Could not be found by me at EP: 50th gal dominatrixx LittleBerry twinkletwinkle Of the Mom flashing my friends named above, the following names reappear: at watchgirslpeeing. Link to post.

Simpfan Posted June 27, Posted June 27, Courtney cox fucking I never deleted my Experience Project and never removed my files from said website. Kevin 1, Posted June 29, Posted June 29, M as pee. Good Luck in your search for all the experiences too.

Sounds interesting. WantonLee Posted July 2, Posted July 2, Posted July 17, Kevin 1, Posted July 17, I do Hope that you might have saved some experiences fro a Female Memberusername of Seeds As she really enjoyed in peeing in public as well as in private. Which would be well worth project them from E.

Kevin 1, Posted July 18, Posted July 18, Alfresco 6, Posted July 27, Posted July 27, Guys pants pulled down July 31, the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topic Insert image from URL. Go to topic listing.