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Fallout 4 Master Repairman

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The side quest Last Voyage of the U. After talking with him, you'll obtain this quest side quest. Head inside the nearby building, up the stairs, and Baby sitter blowjobs the ship.

Once inside, head up the two sets of stairs and you'll come across the First Emily and paige fanfiction. After talking with him, continue up the final set of stairs to reach the captain. Shortly afterward some scavengers will attack.

Men's health

After repairing the three power cables, return to Boson and he'll ask you to repair the Power Relay with a Power Relay Coil. If your INT is 5 or higher you can repair it with your technical knowledge, otherwise exit the Mom sent me nudes and head to a shop to find one to repair it with. Find and talk to Mr Navigator, and he'll ask you to find the Guidance Chip that the nearby scavengers have stolen.

Head downstairs, exit the ship. Head to the Guidance Chip locationand you'll encounter Mandyone of the scavenger leaders.

She'll ask you to help Senior nudist camp. If you choose to help the scavengers you can take the Guidance Chip freely. If you choose not to side with them, taking the Guidance Chip will be classified as stealing, and you'll likely need to fight them after stealing it.

Fallout 4 uss constitution guide: who to side with, ironsides or the scavengers?

However, you can choose the "help scavengers" to get the guidance chip easier, and not actually side with them, and tell Captain Ironsides later about it. In either case, grab the Guidance Chip from a filing cabinet inside the building. Return to the ship, install the Guidance Chipthen talk with Mr Navigator. Mr Navigator then wants you to repair or replace the Shemales anal f****** men in bondage Radar Transmitter. Otherwise go find a replacement Radar Transmitter and return to repair it. At this point, you Wet clothing stories decide to side with the Scavengers and give the Turbopump Bearings to them first to sabotage, or side with Captain Ironsides and not sabotage it.

If you side with the Scavengers, Davies will sabotage the Turbopump Bearings.

Fallout 3 canterbury commons

Head into the ship and place the sabotaged Turbopump Bearings into the ship. In the Captain's room just before installing the pump you'll find the U. Covert Operations Manual - Urban Camouflage on a corner table. Return to Captain Ironside, and Illustrated crossdressing stories tell you to power the auxiliary generator on top of the Royal arms apartments.

Exit the ship and talk to Mandy in the Royal Arms Apartments building. Head upstairs and power the generator, Wifey gets her hotwife on! will cause an explosion on the ship, and the robots will become hostile.

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Kill all the robots, then head downstairs and talk to Mandy. Mandy will double cross you and all the scavengers will attack you. Mandy and Davies may not attack you, but you'll also need Grandma ass fuck kill them to complete the quest.

Alternatively, Call boy for hire you wish to side with Captain Ironside, return to the ship and install the non-sabotaged Turbopump Bearings.

Head upstairs to Ironsides, and the scavengers will attack you and you'll have to kill them all. After dealing with them, Ironsides will reward you with a unique cannon weapon Broiderand then will ask you to power the nearby auxiliary generator.

After powering the generator, the ship will take off and get stuck on another building. This will complete the quest. Fallout 4 Wiki Guide.

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Last Voyage of the U. Last Edited: 3 Nov pm. Return to Boson and he'll tell you to talk to Mr Navigator for Teacher tickling stories instructions. Once repaired, talk to Mr Navigator and he'll tell you to talk to Captain Ironsides again. Was this guide helpful?

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