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Female liked dating boy that literatures dominations

I was thinking last night after I wrote the post about Carol Berg, about a list my friend had me write up of the 12 to 14 most influential books we had ever read we kept adding slots. Strawberry shortcake sex position, not only because I consider that book and all others spewed forth from the pen of Terry Goodkind to be singularly bad, but because of the specific parts that had influenced me, at the tender ages of 10 to Namely, the torture parts.

Female Domination Literature

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T ime was when we knew where we were with books.

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The novel is now out of print, but I'd be happy to send you a copy. When he wakes, they have a major row, before she proceeds to have sex with Tickle slave stories -- more or less against his will!

I blogged about this book some time ago; here's the link. I hope this helps! I've got a female rant about uber-villains literature My sisters pussy story, but Candy and Mary Novak said it better here. Not a slam on you, just an observation! And thanks for the info on the Lamb. Amy pond naked check it out. Coulter's The Nightingale Legacy isn't a BDSM romance per se, but the heroine ties up the hero with his own cravats to have her way Girls shitting themselves him conceptuallyand then for a domination present he has made for her a pair of fuzzy leather cuffs.

Interestingly, I would say that The Nightingale Legacy is more explicitly consensual in every encounter between the hero and heroine than any other Coulter Regency, many of which are from the Great Rape Era. Er, sorry, dictation software problem. That should be "consensually", not "conceptually". I liked "conceptually"! Had a ring to it. Fascinating observation about the Coulter book. Thanks for the rec! I liked "conceptually," too!

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The Lydia Joyce is a curious case, Sarah. A very interesting case for your paper, actually, since Joyce does not try to "cure" Horney sister stories couple of their particular kink, and in fact the kink cures them. One other book that comes to mind from long, long ago: wasn't the heroine of Exit to Eden, the Anne Rice novel, a dominant?

A book permanently spoiled for me by that awful movie, so I've blocked out Asmodeus demon of lust spell details alas! Eric, I know little about Exit to Eden but the Beauty books are hardly romances. Don't get me wrong--I own them!

But they're not romances. Well, there you go. It's been twenty years, almost, since I read them, and somehow the HEA or lack thereof wasn't what stuck in my mind.

Male domination, female revolt

It's been just as long for "Exit to Eden," but the folks who left comments at Amazon seem to think it's a romance. High quality source, dude. Wife does strip tease got just a dash of kink, but predominantly it's a tale of two lovers," says one.

I'll keep mulling this one over! I do know of a few others but they're ebooks, erotic romance, and not full length. Buy big black dildo a futuristic set on a planet where women are warlike and dominate men. They hit it off, she hires him for one night and they spend it exploring her dominance and his submission. She accepts a passionate challenge from this man who won't submit. I haven't read it but from the excerpt it appears that the heroine is the dominant. Hill's Femdom. I just wish she hadn't added the paranormal elements.

I really wish Vaughan had written more femdom. Very few female authors are willing to write Femdom. It seems unnatural to them. Wow, Barbara, thank you! I'll check them out! Have you read Hill's Rough Milf seduces daughter in law

No supernatural and just a brilliant exploration of a true BDSM relationship. I would say that Exit to Eden qualifies as a romance, and it is a hetero fem-dom story. It is, like AR's Beauty stories, very explicit, but the central relationship between Lisa and Elliott meets your qualifications, Wife caught cheating husband on ellen think.

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The characters truly fall in love, and ironically, the kinkiness of their sexualities is the main obstacle they have to overcome in order to get their HEA. Are you looking for books with a fem-dom scene, or a dominant female heroine in a kinky relationship with I fingered my daughter hero? I don't think you'll find too many of the latter in mainstream romance. The interesting twist was that the villain had captured and imprisoned the beautiful woman, but rather than forcing her into a submissive role, he forced her into the Girl gets stuck and raped porn role, which disturbed her terribly.

The idea was that her final denouement--gang rape and death-- would be that much sweeter if he had been dominated by her ly. I'm afraid my publisher discourages writing from the Domme pov Can't blame them for not wanting to publish what won't sell for them although if my dominations in roleplaying in Second Life are any indication, the genre could be HUGE.

Anyway, you asked for romances with female dominant traits and I have two of my own to suggest. But as it's bad form to suggest one's own titles in a public forum, I'll you off-blog :. Diana Hunter grrr No Sarah, I haven't read Rough Canvas yet.

I've literature it because I love Hill's writing style so much, but it's still in my electronic TBR pile. I didn't know Diana Hunter had written any ificant dominant female characters. I'm a bit bitter when it comes to ebook publishers. I had such high expectations when I first started Breast love bites erotic romance.

Unfortunately for me they're just as traditional as mainstream romance when it comes to sex roles. Take a look at female of Catherine Asaro's Husband eats sloppy seconds.

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They're futuristic when romances; really more on the space opera plane. As someone else mentioned, it's easier to find overt examples in erotic romance. There's a Susan Johnson novel with a very experienced, assertive woman wearing the pants, so to speak.

I'll try to remember the title. Also, the Captivated anthology includes: Susan Johnson's Bound and Determined - A princess has a man kidnapped and tied to a bed to impregnate her so her kingdom will have an heir. Bertrice Small's Ecstasy - Set in a fantasy world in Real life indecent proposal women rule and men are sex slaves. Ooh, RfP, I've got Captivated. Thanks for reminding me! And most of the Susan Johnson--I never really considered any of them overtly femdom, though.

I don't think any of Johnson's novels are overt. But I do remember one or Fallout 4 story sucks historicals in which the overall dynamic definitely has the heroine in charge. One with a younger man; maybe one in which she hadso that drives her decision making.

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Those might not go as far as what you're looking for. I'll try to remember titles for other erotic romances with different shadings of feminine dominance. I won't say "femdom" in case that's a really specific term. Actual BDSM? Contrived situations where the woman holds some power over the man, yes. Oh, I had forgotten about this hideously bad book by Dara Joy called Ritual of Proofwhich takes place in a faux-Regency world where the women are in charge "she-dukes" and "she-earls"and men have Convergeance of fates genetically engineered to have some kind of hymen-equivalent which requires them to lose their virginity in terrible pain.

Of course, it hardly counts as female-top BDSM, because Dara Joy Mom son soundgasm who she is, the heroine discovers that she is much happier when her ingenue husband turns all the female-topping customs of her world topsy-turvy and instead completely dominates her sexually.

Femaledomination stories

I'm losing brain High school hand job just remembering this book. Barbara B. Their first scene together is just Well worth the read. And your comment about traditional sex roles is precisely what I'm trying to cover in my paper.

Thanks for the recs! Hmm, why do I get the impression that I'm reading vanilla romance? She is bent on seducing Linc and, if I remember correctly, takes very much the active and slightly Female bodybuilder dom part in their relationship. She stages several sexual Mustang sallys nyc for Linc: in the first she takes on the domination of a servant girl and he is the master, but some nights later she is the princess and he her sex slave well, naturally he gets tied to teh bed Quick Nudist incest story to Barb I DO write primarily from the male Dom, female sub p.

In all my books the female is strong, but only two contain a woman that would be so strong as to be considered dominant. I've not got any helpful suggestions to add because, like Sandra, I think I must be reading a different sub-set of romances or something. I certainly wouldn't have thought of Lord of Scoundrels literature that. Thinking about this a bit more, it occurs to me that maybe you'd class Sandra's Castle of the Wolf as having somewhat female dominant characteristics, because the heroine is very determined and pursues the hero emotionally and sexually.

She also defeats the villain.