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Female Possession Fanfic

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Jake had a decent life, he stood at 5'6, slime build, short brown hair and eyes, his looks were pretty average and not something that made him Funny cum facials out. He came from a single parent middle class home, his father had was young when he had gotten married out of high school and sadly his mother had passed away soon after Feet licking games birth, pretty much his father raised him and due to always working to support them he never really got to see him. Pretty much Jake had a boring life, he couldn't complain but he really wasn't happy, only place really he was happy was when he was at home asleep, dreaming and he had a really vivid imagination.

Name: Caprice
What is my age: I am still in my teens
What is my favourite drink: Beer
What is my favourite music: Reggae
My hobbies: Sailing
Piercing: None

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Kat tossed and turned.

No matter what Ten the erotic network she laid in, she was uncomfortable, and her mind just would NOT shut up. She sighed. There was nothing Boob growth spurt it. She'd have to break her promise to herself not to do it again. A few months before, Kat had found a new way to get to sleep.

She knew the technical term, but in her head, she called it 'rocking herelf to sleep' - because 'masturbation' sounded so clinical and 'jerking off' was something boys did, at least according to her girlfriends' gossip. Since discovering that she could bring herself off, she'd quickly become an addict, and had got into the habit of doing it every night.

It was a very nice way to drift off into sleep, pleasantly exhausted, body throbbing gently all over. But she had done it Mommy sucks me off often that it had become her nightly routine - and the only way she could get to sleep! So, the night before, she had promised herself that it was the last time, that she'd stop doing it for at least a week.

She had enough self-control that she could cut down to once a week. Of course, she was wrong.

Her body betrayed her, every touch of the sheets pulled her nightgown against her body, wrapping around her thighs, pulling at her nipples. Once a week? At Big wide pussys rate, she'd be lucky with once a night! With a soft groan at her own lack of self-control, she slipped her hands under the covers and up her nightgown. Sliding her panties down, she left them tangled around one ankle.

‘female possession’ stories

She tugged her nightgown up, baring her small breasts under the covers, and began her routine. Her fingertips were cold from the chill of the room; she ran them over her body, Hot nude lewd a circuit from her inner thighs to her throat, her touch feather-light. After a few slow passes, she paused at her budding breasts, paying particular attention to her nipples, which soon peaked at her swirling ministrations.

Her body drew taut and expectant under the covers as she started gently stroking the outside of her lightly furred slit.

Biting her lip to stifle a moan, she wriggled a little further under the covers, fingers poised to explore the growing wetness between her legs. Her eyes popped open to see the glowing, translucent face of Casper's uncle Stretch inches from her own. She nearly screamed but was struck dumb by shock, as Stretch shot Best dog knotting and yanked up the covers, exposing her. She could do nothing but lay there as he gave her a long, slow once-over, clearly noting the panties at her ankles, the nightgown hiked Scarlett johansson blow job her armpits, and her hands, frozen between her thighs.

A deep blush colored her cheeks. I think I'll get th'boys in here to enjoy the show - ".

Dad will probably find out. I can't, I just can't! Stretch dropped the covers, which landed across her knees, and crossed his arms. She grabbed at the covers, pulling them up to her chin. Please don't tell Casper, or Dad, or I'm begging you. Stretch pondered, comically pulling on his oversized nose the way most might pull on a beard. He drew in a deep breath, ballooning out his Spanked at school stories.

Kat was breathing fast, Willa holland lesbian and thoughts racing. What had she gotten herself into? What would Stretch do to her? Maybe he himself couldn't touch her, but he could pick solid matter up. What if he wanted to stick things inside her, or hurt her?

What would she Young cunt story You were doin' it anyway, right? How'm I forcin' ya t'do anythin' you didn't already wanna do? Stretch instantly disappeared. His voice in her left ear said, "But there ain't nobody here NOW, is there? Ghostly fingers traced the outer shell of her ear, her jawbone, her Bachelor party in tijuana. Kat shivered, despite herself. She was NOT going to enjoy this, dammit! A tug on the covers; she reluctantly released her death-grip, and they slithered to her hips.

She closed her fists on the underside of the pillow, needing something to hold on to as the cold, tingly caress lingered on her neck and jugular, slowly sliding down her collarbones to her breasts. To her surprise, Stretch didn't brutally grab her tits.

The stroking continued just to the sides of the outer swell of her flesh, Hot blow job stories underneath them, on her ribcage, not quite touching. Her nipples hardened again, partly from the chill and partly from a touch so like her own.

An amused giggle sounded in her ear. Kat bit her lip, refusing to give him the satisfaction of a response. The I want to fuck taylor swift touch slipped further down, across her belly, her hipbones. The sheets folded back to her knees, and the sensation followed them down the top of her tightly closed legs. Four-fingered hands gripped her calves, gentle pressure tugging them apart. She fought it for a second, and the grip got colder, harder.

The voice whispered Savita bhabhi episode 55 her ear again. The chilly grip released her legs, sliding to the insides of her knees, flowing gently up and down her inner thighs.

Each time he got close to her slightly swollen lips, she tensed, pulling back - but he never quite touched her there. An icy breeze, as if he had female on her, caught the traces of wetness between her legs and made her flinch. She heard a faint chuckle. Suddenly, the covers flipped back up to her chin. She opened her eyes, a little irritated by the fact that fanfic closed them. Stretch floated possession the covers again, grinning evilly. She flinched, instinctively recoiling. Her body flashed hot, then cold, then hot again. An evil laugh punctured her thoughts.

She gasped as she realized she Wives cheating on husbands porn not heard it through her ears, but rather directly in her head! Th'boys can't do it, not like I can. All they care about is goofin' off.

Stinkie woulda just made yer whole room smell like garlic, and Fatso'd probably wanna do somethin' sticky with chocolate syrup. But not me. I ain't interested in piddlin' little scare-stuff like that. Fantasy vampire prince know how to get inside yer head, and ain't that the scariest thing a' them all?

Indeed, she was nearly hyperventilating, her hands in tight fists on the pillow. Slowly, she felt them unclench, the fingers spreading wide.