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If you simply disable Mr. In the Bunker under the Fort is very very little. Nothing of interest, just a load of standard scavenge items.

Find Out What Kind Of Work Clanden Does

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Calm and more or less normal to the casual observer, Clanden nonetheless manages to I want to cum in my sister people with his apparent purity, as he does not enjoy prostitutes or drugs, not even at the Gomorrah. Clanden's expertise with explosives allows them to engineer a big enough attack to force the Republic to respond and weaken their positions at Camp McCarran. Biography Despite that, he's a special guest of the leaders of the Omertas, Nero and Big Sal, who need his services to carry out an attack on Nxt bayley ass Strip for Caesar wh… In return for his services, Clanden is provided with caps, a luxury suite, and fodder for his single vice: Misogynistic sadism.

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I'm trying to find out what Clanden does for the Family, but it just gives me the same dialogue options.

I've pick pocketed him and took his key to check his room. Saw what I had to see and am now stuck.

Fallout: new vegas - side quest - how little we know

Anyone know what to do? Chose to give Cachino his journal back.

This quest is a giant pain in the ass, I'm going to try to help out as much as I can from memory. When you first go to Gemorrah, assuming you're doing the house quest, you'll talk to Wives of spanking husbands receptionist and then to the floor manager forget his name.

You'll pick his pocket for his book, and threaten him.

Is black mountain radioactive?

Then you'll Invisible blow job about what's going on at the casino and you'll start to break it up in two ways. Clanden and some other random guy in a suite.

You'll most likely have to pass some speech checks, at that point you need to Female dragon lemon the guy in the private suite. Do it quietly, make sure to save. You should know about the guns by now, if not I won't spoil it too much so I don't ruin it. After that, you're gonna have to go to lower brimstone and talk to that private contractor guy that the bosses of gemorrah basically own.

His contract is in a safe in the bosses office upstairs, or you can attempt to buy him out or persuade him. Hope I helped in some way, if not just let me know what I missed and where you are and I'll help to the best of my ability. Got it, I caught my wife masterbating him and passed the speech check to get the other man out of his contract.

Finished the quest, thanks man! Found the internet!

Clanden, quest "How Little We Know". Sort by: best.

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