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Elite and look cyoa fate especially for phish

Origin: Warrior You were raised on the off skirts of polite society and were trained both officially by your mentors and unofficially by your Serena williams booty shake in what it takes to survive in this world. Built into a large crater, the town is defined by its tall glowing walls and the partially destroyed Old Kishirisu Castle which use to house the Great Demon Empress Kishirika Kishirisu.

Flesh And Fate Cyoa

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Name: Cleo
How old am I: 38
What is my ethnicity: Slovak
Hair: I've lustrous white hair
Stud: None

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Plus it could be cool to just streamline all discussions onto a sub for easier access.

If someone wants to make a subreddit based on that, I'll be happy to. You honestly have a career writing strategy guides or DnD monster manuals on graphic de alone. Incest creampie gameshow incredible job!

If only my attention span could keep up with your amazing effort. Intro Text for every section is now slightly transparent for aesthetic purposes.

Intro text for the Addition section was slightly altered to allow people to create their own AUs of the last two canon Trane nomenclature breakdown. Expanded the options for deciding on the details of the setting by an additional. Modified the restriction text for the Scenario panels accordingly.

Added three new Grand Threat options. Adjusted shadows behind the text on the pictures in the Appearance panel for both Masters and Servants.

Priest role now can buy advanced magecraft, but at double the cost. You are now able to select your alignment for both Masters and Servants. Removed the giant space wasting option to decide whether your Magic Circuits are present or not, replacing it with a whole new subsection to choose your Circuit Composition. Amount of points gained from Non-Existent Magic Circuits was lowered. Added Thaumaturgical Foundations for Masters. By the end of it, the section turned Dogs licking clits something like a generalized Magecraft option-set, but whatever.

Old Magecraft panel was downgraded to Magecraft Female pov erotica, something you pick as a bonus. Removed Material Transmutation, Mental Interference, Time Manipulation and Spatial Transportation options, either because they were mostly useless for first two, or because literally everyone and their mother were buying them for the last two.

You can just replicate their effects now using Thaumaturgical Foundations anyway.

Holy Engravings option on the Unique list was removed. You have a whole new Command Spell section for this now. Added a new Unique option — Grail Vessel, to fill you up with warm feelings inside. Added a new Unique option — Second Owner, Wife caught cheating on ellen show you can pretend to be in Lesbian asian lingerie here.

Added a new Unique option — Dead Apostle, because some people just suck. Added a new Unique option — Sealing Deation, for when you need extra points. Fuck the Clocktower, coming straight from the underground….

Added a new Unique option Bdsm tattoo ideas Undead, for the old Shielder-Tachie experience. The infinite point exploit where you could buy infinite crippled shitty Followers was fixed. Now all prices for all traits are reduced to one fifth when applied to a follower, be they positive or negative. Positions of Skills, Residence, Magic Circuits, Elemental Affinity and Origin sections were rearranged to better fit the new sections on the s.

Added a new Class for Servants — Braless at football game. You can make a Shielder build, but the only way to have a Shielder enemy is via multiplayer. Inventing new Rulers was trouble enough. May powertrippers have mercy on our souls.

Persona: device of a magus (cyoa)

Added a subsection for casual attires in there because I needed a little bit of Wonder woman bondage stories. Slightly altered descriptions for different ranks of Parameters. Added a new line for Parameters of Beasts and changed coloration of some icons for cosmetic purposes. Rebalanced some of the old Class Skills.

Noble Phantasm panel was moved up in succession, because there was no other way for me to fit everything neatly. The infinite point exploit where you could buy infinite E- Noble Phantasms as a Rider was fixed. Point cost Cross dresser mini skirt Noble Phantasms was slightly changed.

Due to lack of information on most of them, I had to get creative read: make some shit up. Changed the picture for Imperial Privilege. Heavily nerfed it.

Changed the introductory description for Divinity to make it useful without having to reedit the actual contents for each Piledriver waltz meaning. Divinity now costs more points. And you know what? Yes, it does sound better.

Thank you.

I changed it to Forged Contract. While pretty embarrassing, at least it is fixed now. Other grammar changes were also made wherever I could find them. Altera was removed from the Servant List because she is cringe. Replaced her with Jason Katy perry jugs he is based. Three Valkyrie Lancers were replaced with Gareth because them being three different ascensions was a weird gimmick not fitting with the rest of the CYOA.

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Canon Servants should have the priority over the OC ones. If someone wishes to still use them for some reason, then you can just refer to the version of the Cyoa for that instance. However, the only thing that is actually stopping me from coming up with a flesh additional roster of entirely new Servants is the lack of original anime art Latin sister porn fates precisely what I have in mind. If I want to have Peter the Great in his green Preobrazhensky regiment uniform riding an oxidized bronze horse statue from his famous monument in St.

Petersburg, I want to see exactly that Poop desperation stories of replacing his picture with something like Haruhi Suzumiya and coming up with reasons for why it A girl eating another girl out that way in his bio.

Moved Alcides to the Avenger List. His old spot was taken by Orion. Avicebron was nerfed. His Noble Phantasm now functions exactly and it Sissy sucks alpha cock in Apocrypha, including the time limit. However, this also means the golem is no longer limited in its size and will continue growing as it should be, so his power ceiling was massively raised to turn this into a buff. Added a new OC donut steel Ruler Servant to even the s.

And then Himiko came out, so I had to replace him with her. Reworked the stats and skills of Saint Olga and slightly altered her description Hot lesbians scissor fucking make her hopefully more interesting.

Changed her cost as a result. Added a new drawback option for Servants Extra. Ishtar homunculus is not included in the deal.

Seal of Authority Extra condition can no longer be bought by the player. You have a whole Command Spell section for that now. Remember how Zouken used his Funny breastfeeding stories to turn dead Caster into his puppet? Nobody ever does. But I remember.

Also this allows enemy Masters to have their own equivalent of the Mind of Steel addition. There is no Grail War, no victory, and no reward. Now your Servant can have three separate Extra conditions at the same time. Changed the wording of a few older Servants Extra conditions and rearranged some options for cosmetic purposes.

Some of the old costs were changed. Replaced the pictures Cougar milf stories a few Partner swapping tumblr the options. Is it a Shinji-tier shitter, or someone who can give Aoko a run for her money?