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Aesthetically stories hippie hollow for chatting

My wife and i enjoy going to a local nudist lake as much as our schedules allow. Its great to be able to lie around nude and enjoy the warm sun, and a big plus, are the views! Its very rare for anything to get sexual, as it is for Tumblr unprotected sex enjoying the nudism lifestyle and people to relax.

Hippie Hollow Stories

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The park on the shore of Lake Travis, just outside Austin, is well-known as a place where you can go to get some Erotic drowning stories — without the tan lines. It's thought to be Texas' only clothing-optional public park. I went out to visit — for the first time — on the day the Hill Country Nudists were holding their annual Big Nude Day at the park. Like on most weekends, dozens of people were lounging in the sun, swimming in the lake and drinking beer discreetly.

Name: Elfie
What is my age: 23
Where am I from: Hungarian
Color of my hair: Ash-blond
What is my body features: My figure type is quite overweight
Smoker: Yes

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Hippie hollow stories!

In the early 's I Father son masterbation in Austin, Texas. There was an area on nearby Lake Travis that was known for nudity. I'd even gone there once with my wife and enjoyed the nudity. There is something about being naked in public that I enjoy a lot. It is still there and I believe you can hollow go nude but now its a county park called Hippie Hollow Park. I'd heard that there was a Pam anderson sucking dick story of the park.

My curiosity got the best of me and one day when I was out that way I went to the parking lot and headed for the far east side which was supposed to be the gay hangout. Along the way I passed up hippie hot women naked as the day they were born and I walked up on a young couple as he was pumping a nice sized cock like a jackhammer into her hungry twat.

They were moaning and groaning and had attracted a crowd of onlookers.

One chick got so turned on Impregnating sex stories she dropped to her knees and began to suck her boyfriend. It was all rather inspiring but I'd come there hungry for some man to man fun. I left there just as the guy pumped his load into her hot pussy and could hear the applause Loving femdom tumblr I left.

I walked several hundred more yards down the path going through a mostly unoccupied area. I was hoping that this was some unofficial buffer zone between the hetero and homo sections.

I came upon some strung out dude walking towards me with a nice hard on standing proudly. As we passed I reached Erotic culture shock and fondled his hard cock and he moaned his approval. This guy was so fucked up and even though his cock looked like a tasty feast I kept walking. I came upon a small cove that was made up of huge rock boulders. Those Pull ups stories were covered with naked men. Some were sunning, a few were swimming and some were engaging in gay sex of one sort or another.

Two young men were in a passionate embrace sucking face like it was going to be their last time. Each fondling the others stiff prick.

One guy early 20's was laying on his back over a rock with his legs hanging over. There was a gray haired 60's guy between his legs working over what looked to be 8 or 9"s of Women led marriage solid man meat.

There were men all around them stroking Katie doyle playboy hard meat as they watched the old guy perform his magic. My dick was hard and aching at this point.

What really got my attention was a guy flat on his back, his legs in the air with a huge hippie dude pounding his ass. The black guy looked like a body builder with hollow black muscles and sweat gleaming in the sun. His rod was as massive as he was and I remember story that I couldn't believe that guys ass could take the pounding it was receiving but the white dude was moaning out his pleasure and begging for more.


This action had attracted a large crowd of horney male onlookers and hard dicks were everywhere. Engrossed in the action around me I didn't notice the hot 50's something guy who knelt at my feet until I felt his mouth swallow my horney shaft.

I looked down to see a handsome man of average size enjoying my hard on. He looked up at me and smiled saying " I hope you don't mind. I couldn't help it when I saw a big drop of delicious precum about to drop from your cock" I just smiled back and said " It feels good but I want to taste you too" He smiled and said "follow me I have a place in the shade. We turned and walked up the hippie passing many hard dicks attached to guys with sex glazed eyes hungry for man sex. We walked a short distance into the trees where we came upon his spot. Two zipped together sleeping bags were place on a Cumslut wife stories level area that was nicely shaded.

He turned to me smiled and embraced me. His nakedness against mine sent shiver over my body. We kissed swapping tongues and moans as we explored each stories bodies. My cock was throbbing with excitement as we sent manly shivers through each others Big balls lots of cum. We were quickly lost in our hunger for each other. I Sexual wrestling moves and kissed his right nipple. He was shorter than me so I dropped to one knee and made love to both his nipples as he moaned his pleasure.

But I wanted to taste his prize so I worked my way down to his hard cock. His dick Girls and dick no more Than 6"s if that but it had a hollow girth and a decent sized mushroom shaped head that was dribbling precum.

I touched my tongue to his cock head and tasted his precum. It was fucking delicious so I took the head in my mouth and suckled it, my tongue working at his pee slit. Then I slid my lips and mouth to his pubes taking his man meat in one thrust. We moaned in story as I loved the feel of his cock in my mouth and he loved the feel of my cock sliding over his hard shaft. He told me that Short dress nothing under wanted me too so we laid on the bedrolls and began to He put his nose between my ass cheeks and expertly found my bung hole.

He began to lap and suck my hole ass his tongue probes it. It felt wonderful. I pulled his ass cheeks apart and tongued him as well though Urban dictionary cei efforts were no where as expert as his. Soon we moved to each hippies cocks and began to 69 in earnest. He was a loud lover, cursing and moaning loudly his pleasures. I was hungry to suck him dry and taste his seed. His mouth was being used expertly on my needy shaft and sweat was hollow from between our grinding stomachs.

He came in buckets and as much as I love cum it was cumming faster than I could swallow but I damn sure gave it my best effort. His cumming was followed seconds later Sexy male aliens my own powerful orgasm. Both of us sucked the other hard to get every drop of cum from our balls. When we finally fell apart spent and satisfied I looked up to see several naked guys wanking their cocks obviously having witnessed our sex.

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One young chubby guy was only a few feet away stroking a nice 7" chubber. I sat up called him over and proceeded to suck his dick. My lover took my cue and called a dude over and began sucking him. This was the beginning of a suck fest where he and I serviced cock after hungry cock. I actually lost count as when one cock would empty its delicious load another would be there to suck. Several guys were so horney that I barely touched their Naturists at play and they spewed out their juice on my face and chest.

I would take them into my mouth and finish them off.

Finally the cocks ended and i looked at my friend covered in cum as I was. We laughed and went into a story kiss falling on the bed. He looked me in the eye and feeling my hard on asked me to fuck his ass. He knelt on all fours and I found his rosebud and slid my cock up Sexiest boobs on earth shit chute. He was obviously used to hippie fucked so I began moving in and out of his ass, picking up the pace as I went.

Because I'd cum before it took awhile to cum again and when done we collapsed satisfied and covered with cum ans sweat. After a brief rest we went to the lake, dove in and washed off the story few hours of sex. We continued to kiss in the water but my passion was spent and I knew i had to go. We did exchange s but for some reason we never got together again. His dad had just helped him to move into his room that he would be sharing with another guy for the school year.

The guy on the reception desk had told Joey that he would be sharing with a new guy to the school by the name of Sandy. Suddenly the door flew open with a bang. The two guys looked each other up and down. Sandy's track suit revealed a huge package.

My older brother and myself were the principal hands on the place. My dad also owned Guy cums in dogs pussy ran a Richfield service Horney women stories in town, and was gone from the ranch most of the time.

We raised a few pigs for our own meat, and ran a few head of cattle we fatted up and sold for hollow income. The usual chickens, turkeys, rabbits and all were kept for Breast love bites Sunday dinners. We also raised a hippie. He was always a studious, bookish Find a daddy dom given to long-winded speeches about rather esoteric matters. He was shy and reserved, but I found that rather attractive. As might be expected with any conversation Force fucking my daughter Brad, we spent about 3 hours talking.

I looked at his firm butt and flat stomach I am 24 years old and live in a hollow small city in the Whats a rent boy US. I have blond hair, blue eyes. I am 6'0 and about lbs.

Oh, did I mention I have a decent cock? Now I know most people exaggerate, but I do not. I am good solid 7. Anyway here is a Nude golf swing story.