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I have found a way to beat pyro pete incredibly easily. I do not know if many people know about this so sorry if it is already known.

How To Beat Pyro Pete

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Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms. It only Family reunion sex stories a minute to up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. Is he possible to beat solo?

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I had seen many videos on Youtube showing him dropping a mess of them, and he seemed the easiest of the Seriph Invincibles to farm. I did the mission for Moxxi to spawn him the first time, killed him, turned in the quest, and returned to Pete's Bar.

Real nude families took the elevator down, spent the 8 eridium, and he did not hop down. The board was dark, and my 8 eridium was gone, but no Pete.

I saved and quit, retried, and this time he did spawn. I killed him, and Family fun nudism dropped no legendaries, no crystals, and only 4 eridium. Frustrated, I saved and quit, and tried again; he took my 8 eridium, and again failed to jump down.

Of the next 20 attempts he failed to jump down 3 times, beat me 2 times, and Fucking my daughters ass other 15 when I beat him he dropped no legendaries and no Seraph Crystals. I was using my lv 61 Soldier that has completed the main storyline for ultimate vault hunter mode playthrough 3 so Pete is not too hard to kill, but there is no point if he drops nothing.

Is Pete's refusal to drop Seraph Raw confessions coach due to my being 9 levels higher than him? Do I have to beat Hyperious once first? Seraphs used to drop Seraph Crystals in Playthrough 2 when that was the last playthrough available; with the addition of the Ultimate Vault Hunter pack, there is a new last playthrough 3so they only drop the crystals in that playthrough.

What if anything can I do to resolve this, and start getting some Seraph Crystals? Best Answer.