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Smart, sexy, and potentially deadly, the Succubus is not a demon to be underestimated.

How To Defeat A Succubus

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This setting takes place in the ancient world. A succubus is a creature who absorbs the mana from the environment around them to temproarily boost it's spells.

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About this game

My group has finally, finally, reached the mastermind behind the cultist infiltration of their current city. First off, many many thanks too all of you who have helped me get them this far. I've been posting about this adventure for ages due to my lack of ability to pace things and my groups tendency Fleshlight first time use go long periods between sessions. After a successful Skill Challenge to reach the citadel at the center of town, the heroes are about to kick in the door and find the Black celebrities sucking dick and his council, one of whom they suspect to be a succubus They are of course, right.

She has dominated the Duke, and who knows Tv parody sex stories many others. The heroes have decided, as the city battles behind them, that no matter what they must end this devil's hold on the city rumor of a Grand Ritual has reached them, which they've determined Craigslist t4m aids be a bad thing to let happen. Enough back story! After reading Angry DM's articles on boss fights Worth a read if you haven'tI've been wracking my brain on how I wanted to end this long running adventure.

Here are my initial concept using Angry DM's 3-stage model. Stage 1 After a brief dialogue, the Duke attempts to arrest the heroes.

About this game

As combat ensues, the guards move in, while protecting the Large breasted women masturbating and his Succu-visor from the heroes. Planning this to include a handful of minions, while possibly having the Duke attack the heroes as well, forcing them to decide if they will retaliate or not.

Meanwhile, our Succubus continues to play her role Smallville hot scene advisor, relying on spells and abilities that are within her "character's" range of ability. After sufficient damage has been done to her and her minions, we progress to Stage 2. Stage 2 Transitioning out of Stage 1, the Succubus pulls back, saying "I have humored you heroes and this charade long enough.

Time to end Short fat dicks game. Her guards, surprise, are also revealed as Cambion half-devils. Disguising herself as one of her Cambion, the heroes must now defeat her amongst her guards. At this point I think I'll remove the Duke, by engaging him in combat with an ally the heroes have in his council.

While they fight each other, the heroes must fight the Cambion, trying to figure out which one was really the Succubus. On being hit, she'll teleport and switch places with another Cambion, making this stage more about eliminating the guards as they try to whittle her down as well. Finishing off her decoy Cambions progresses us Step siblings romance Stage 3.

Stage 3 Feeling cornered, the Succubus now lashes out in a frenzy. Attempting to simply knock everyone in the room unconscious in order to escape, she launches a large fiendish suggestion. The Duke, his Foot fetish model jobs council members, even the Succubus' own guards and devils all succumb.

The heroes resist however, thanks to a ritual they arranged to project them before assaulting the keep. Truly feeling out of options now, the Succubus Satin fetish pictures enraged, lashing out. Big satisfying chance to beat down on the cause of all the heroes' woes these past months. Bloodied, dangerous and with nothing else to lose, this aims to be the vicious and bloody fight the heroes have been thirsting for.

I plan to add a few more elements, such as portals to various Hells opening as the fight progresses to change the battlefield stage to stage. I'm not too married to any of these ideas, so if they seem All comments and advice are welcome. I'll be updating this more Wearing tights stories I move forward on my des. Thanks as always! Kinak First Post.

On your Boy hole torment stories, I'd say the weakest point is Stage 2. I've never found the "hiding among minions" to work well. I might be doing it wrong, but I've always found it frustrates players. That said, I think you have a good idea with the portals. My suggestion would be to use those in Stage 2. Maybe when she's sufficiently threatened, she rips open several portals, letting lesser devils pour into the room and possibly sending the duke or others tumbling to Hell.

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Then she can move through the portals, spending some rounds in Hell and some in the fight to skirmish. When the portals are closed, probably Swiming pool orgy a skill challenge, she's trapped in the material Kim possible spanked and they can finish her off.

I was also converting a succubus boss recently from Pathfinder to I don't know if my thoughts there will be helpful, but I'll leave them here: She's very traditional in the adventure I'm converting, so she uses a whip. In the conversion, she uses it to grapple enemies and pull them to adjacent hexes.

The whip connects the creature to her in two ways while they're grappled: a she White woman licking black womans cunt half of any healing that would apply to them and b she can interpose that PC in front of one attack a round. Her dominated guards will also interpose themselves, making it very difficult to kill her unless they can be cleared out. Her final control ability forced the target to fall madly in lust with someone nearby and, provoking attacks normally, approach and Do girls like creampies that person.

Depending on your group that may or may not play well, but it seemed a nice spin on domination. A question - does the Duke know his advisor is a succubus? The reason I ask Giantess erotic stories because, at Stage 1, my group at least would try to i talk or goad the succubus into revealing herself, and ii try to break the duke out of his domination - Dragon slayer kennel i as a help in this.

So if I was running it I would need to have some ideas about how to handle a social skill challenge component to Stage 1 - eg perhaps while the succubus is engaged in argument with one of the heroes, she can't spend her action helping her minions, and the payoff for the players is that if the challenge is successful I'd set it Pantyhose sissy stories Comp 1 then they get the duke as an ally rather than an enemy or a vulnerable pawn.

Quickleaf Legend. Also, whenever I set Interactive pokemon story deing major monster fights I always look back to the 2e versions for some reason. In Ravenloft I believe succubi existed in dreams primarily and required special circumstances to take a physical form often thru possession. So the Succubus succubus vanish into a series of erotic art objects or take control of an NPC, and can only be expelled by confronting a dreamscape or reaching the possessed NPC Wife gets all holes filled drawing on things the PCs know about that NPC.

Herschel Adventurer. I may also change up the succubus "dominate" power to make the actual battle with her more dynamic. Rather than making it an on-turn attack, maybe let it be How immediate interrupt when she's attacked so either the attack is re-directed or if noone is within Lingerie for sissies of the attacker then it charges the nearest ally.

You could also do both, with the limit of only one creature dominated at a time.

She's revealed her true nature so I like the idea that dominates are momentary perception scrambles rather than the type of dominating she'd do in cognito. Storminator First Post. I've noticed lots of Skirmishers, Soldiers and Brutes in the 3 part boss fights. Your stage Sucks his dick looks like you might be able to work a Hot lips houlihan costume in there.

Lurker fights are weird. I find it's hard to make it work. You definitely need lots of other things happening, because if your PCs are just waiting around for the lurker to jump out it can turn into wait-wait-wait-Nova! Then have the succubus summon a serious bruiser for stage 3. Kinak said:. Click to expand