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By submitting Embarassing diaper stories form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. Posted Oct 7, by anonymous views comments. The first time he put is dick in my mouth and it hit the back he cum with such intensity he said it was like electricity running from the soles of his Girls strip all the way, up the back of his legs, his back to the top of his head and he almost passed out.

He cum so much it ran down my throat and out my mouth as his entire quivered like someone having a seizure.

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Dad said it was the most powerful orgasm of his life, the fastest and most he had ever cum. On my knees in the floor dad Accidental tits in public fell back into his chair and gasped. Once he was beathing regular again I leaned over and sucked his semi hard dick into my mouth again.

This time he held the back of my head and hunch fucked my mouth into another orgasm. How were you able to convince your dad to let you suck him? Any tips on how to ask my daughter Clown doll rapist head? I've been divorced What does a horse dick look like several years and my daughter is a hottie.

Unlike the other guys here, my experience with my dad started at an older age. I was the youngest of eight. Five girls and two boys. I was born when dad was 35 years old.

I was mostly taken care of by my older sister. I figured out I was gay by the time I was I came out to my family when I was Dad was a little disappointed, he wanted grandkids to carry on the family name and that meant all the responsibility fell to my older brother to reproduce. When dad was 79, he had to go into a senior living facility.

Mom had passed two years ly and everyone else in Big boob sister story family had kids of their own to take care of.

We all split the cost of the care facility. Since I was unmarried, I visited dad the most.

I would go every Tuesday morning to visit and check on him. The senior facility was decent. They had lots of social activities for the residents Breast expansion soundgasm dad had a small hotel like room.

It was basically a large bedroom with a bathroom. One Tuesday morning, I was visiting when dad had Female desperation stories accident. He had urinated on himself. I helped him up and took him in the bathroom. I undressed him and helped him into the tub to wash him off. We were not a very open family when it came to nudity and I had never seen my father naked before.

He was erect the whole time I washed him off. I was amazed how similar out two dicks looked to each other.

Both had the same slight curve. I walked him to his bed to sit so I could find clean clothes.

I figured what the hell just do it for Girl wedgie stories true. I got on my knees and started sucking his cock. I was guessing it had been a long time since he had sex. It didn't last long, less than five minutes. He let out a few moans and I found out he was still capable of cumming.

I swallowed his load and stood back up. I dressed him. He didn't say anything about the blow job. That became our regular Tuesday habit for the next two years. I'd visit on Tuesday, give him oral sex, and we never talked about it. He died at the Her first blowjob story of I like to think I gave him a little pleasure at the end of his life.

I wish I was your boy so you could gag me with you big cock. I want my dad to lick my boy pussy and mount and slam my ass so hard. I want him to mount me and pound me into submission. Ask him if you can suck his cock. Bet you become his cock sucker. I made a point of looking after my Whiteshadow pornopartners com and visiting him to help with the routines of food, meals, and household errands. These interactions with dad we became close friends.

Now I will admit I dressed Hippie hollow stories with my father in mind, especially in a shorter skirt showing the patterned hem of thigh high stockings. First real of any interest was when leaving dad gave me a pat on the butt.

This gradually worked Tasha yar porn some gentle fondling during a household task. When watching evening TV dad would give my thigh a squeeze with Patrick pass wife up. When he put his hand on me again I put my hand on his leg and gradually over his lap. This was the first time feeling my dad getting an erection to my hand on him, so I took the chance and began to gently feel his erection. Without hesitation dad pulled down his pants and I could feel my heart pounding as I slipped down his boxers.

Holding him in my hand he felt so warm and firm in his silver grey pubic hair. When the first drop of semen appeared is when I took his penis in my mouth. At that same time dad gasped when I began to suck him saying how good it felt.

Feeling all his sperm splashing in my mouth made My mom has a hairy pussy realize how potent my dad in sex. Not much was said for the rest of that evening until a couple days later.

All I can say is your situation will most likely depend on the relationship with your daughter and interactions with sensitive subjects, trust in personal issues and if she demonstrates any flirtatious intentions. IS IT OK if I tell you - Your story which we all know is just made up - Still made me erect and dripping and later after work I will make my right and left palms and fingers Couples seduce teems happy.

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The confession get my dick hard but soon as I found out the post was a boy my dick went limp. Whether right or wrong was never an Jacking off another guy and no blaming. We still get together and give him a blowjobs. Just nursing on his cock in place of moms tit's.

I would love to hear my daughter ask to suck my cock!

If it came down to that I'd let my son suck me! Of course it will never happen just nice to think about. I want to suck any older mans dick.

I have this fantasy of being fucked as a teenager. The pedophileness makes my dick so hard. I yearn to be taped. Fuck omg I Local gay glory holes just hop in someone's car and tell them to fuck me silly. He never tried to get me to do anything until one time I was standing there looking at it and I got curious and I touched the tip of it dick my finger.

He asked me why I had done that and I told him that I just wanted to see what his felt like. He got my hand and put it on it and it eventually led to me licking his head to clean him off. Years later I had married my wife and she had 2 boys. We were sucked for several years and when her older Id like to speak to the manager meme was in his teens he tried touching me when I was sleeping but I woke up when I felt his fingers on me.

He said that he was sorry for doing it and I told him that it was ok and I told him to sit on the bed and I pulled dad my underwear and he jerked me off until I came in his hand. I could see that he was hard so I put my hand down his shorts. I had him take his clothes off and I moved myself down on the bed and had him sit on my chest and sucked him off until I had him filling up my mouth. He never said anything about it to anyone and I still do it for him when he wants it.

I was sleeping at my girlfriends house one night. I had been watching a movie, and fell asleep on the couch. I was just wearing a bathrobe.