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Kissing john picking cena especially for courtship

The plot of the movie revolves around the parents and their efforts to stop their … Other than that they make a very happy family. He wanted to write this book for his family; now they have written it for him.

John Cena Kissing Girls

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Confronted yet again by managing supervisor Vickie Guerrero and a couple of "witnesses," AJ went out to the ring to put a stop to Vickie's constant badgering. As the two women sniped at each other, the predictable happened. John Cena's music hit, and he came dashing to the ring to help out his "friend," AJ. He hit the middle of the ring and confronted Vickie, who was having none of it.

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How old am I: 20
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John Cena.

Nikki bella and john cena daughter

The reason WWE sucks right now. Vince McMahon be kissing his ass but he doesn't care about others. John Cena is for kiddies.

A dumbass wannabe marine I cheated on my boyfriend story has made the WWE championship belt look like a toy with a spinning WWE logo in the center that hypnotizes the young fans and girls into liking him. Hes suppose to be the fan favorite and the biggest face in the WWE but gets booed by the majority of WWE fans men and is only loved by kids and females mostly fat, ugly, and slutty.

A below average wrestler that now compete on RAW. He is the current WWE champ. His wrestling ability is very crappy, and his gimmick is even worse.

Mickie james

Girls fingering each other in public also has one of the worst finisher ever, the F-U. The move is nothing more than a fireman's carry into a body slam. It doesn't make since why it would hurt at all. Cena was the reason SD! Thank god Benoit is there now. Cena turns away viewers.

Simply put, Cena sucks.

Person 1: Cena is the shit! Person 2: Only marks and women ike Cena. Quit being a mark.

One of the worst wrestlers in history,although he sucks he is the WWE champion because random retards love him. There's kurt angle and outstanding wrestler who works very hard, but oh wait there's a white rapper.

Lets make him WWE Champ!!! A moronic wrestler. Every girl thinks he's hot.

With Grandma fucks the dog fake moves and wiggerish ways. He's just a scum who can't wrestle for shit. Doesn't that wigger over there remind you of John Cena with his fakeness? The True Definition of Garbage.

Just the worst wrestler ever. He is currently injured cause he got frucked up on a simple hip toss ,which was probably for the best.

I mean,he only uses a total of 5 very crappy moves. He uses three lines that are so gay,but he uses them as an Insult.

John cena kissing a girl video

Playing with grandmas tits worst of all,he just wouldn't lose the title. Answers,be sure to rant and rave to me all you want so I can laugh at your bad grammar and ridiculously stupid comebacks such as "suck my dick" and "yo momma" or,my personnal favorite "yo jus jeulos cuz he batta that u gay bich".

R,John Cena awfully sucks. R: Tell me something I don't know ,King.