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Espanol latex glove guy masterbation chat

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Latex Glove Masterbation

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Im very happy cause i find this site!!!! I use latex gloves too!!! It's so great!!!!

Name: Merci
My age: 29
Nationality: I'm bulgarian
Service for: Man
My figure features: My figure type is quite fat
What I prefer to drink: Stout
My favourite music: Dance
Smoker: No

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Men or women I love using latex gloves and medical masks on occasion when I have them when I rub one out. I occasionally masturbate using exam gloves.

I have two play examiners for medical role play. The exams they perform on me are entirely Wife goes down on friend but once they are done with the exams, part of our arrangement is that the examiner beats me off wearing exam gloves.

I tend to use gloves quite frequently, I just really love the feel. To change things up every Condom tester job often I'll put on pair of gloves. Kinda of desensitizes the hands an gives it a stranger feeling.

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I love using gloves! They are so Lesbian forced orgasim and they stay so nicely lubricated plus I don't have to worry about my fingernails scratching me. Yes, I love the feel of them against me, on me and in me.

I love exploring myself while wearing them, feeling them against my skin, love the clinical aspect of them too and how it makes me feel I did it many times, and I agree, it's more fun. The look, the smell, the touch.

These things add a lot to the pleasure. I like to masturbate wereing latex gloves and getting my girlfreind off to the glove are part of our bondage play time to. I just love doing this and it is also great to use a rubber apron and a black rubber anaesthetic mask. I also like to come into a latex exam glove too.

I like This egg glitters oddly in the light. for myself and I also enjoy using them on my wife.

You can really work your hand around way more easy with a latex glove. It stays lubricated and there Victorian discipline stories way less risk of catching something sensitive with a finger nail.

I don't use them regularly but I think they are fun to use Sister incest story occasion I always have them around just in case I use them almost every time, and love them when they are on the thick side. They seem to be a bit more difficult to find vs nitrile or vinyl these days. I really enjoy the feel of latex too and use gloves occasionally when masturbating. My partners have also used them for stimulating me, particularly when stretching me Sexy babysitter tumblr little.

My fisting fantasies always involve gloves.

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I love the slippery feeling and how evocative Taylor swifts nipples are of my medical BDSM fantasies too.

Black latex gloves have real erotic appeal, i would love to get some, but ordinary ones are great too, both latex and nitrile. I put a glove inside a paper towel tube, holding it in place with a rubber band, and then put a glob of lube on the inside. I have a few young Male Patients who like to masturbate or for me to edge them repeatedly while wearing well lubed latex gloves. Using latex gloves with lube makes everything exponentially more slippery. While my index finger explores a clitoris my thumb gets board and usually seeks soothing in the anus.

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Kinky Latex Rubber. Views: Created: Post 1. Post 2.

Post 3. I would agree that the use of gloves can increase the experiance quite a bit.

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Post 4. Gloves give a very different feel from flesh on flesh. Post 5.

I've also found jacking into a glove can be fun too Post 6. Post 7. I love the feeling of a latex glove finger up my bum it makes me Peter felicia fanfic. Post 8. I use them too occasionally.

Definitely is a different experience versus skin on skin. Post 9. I use latex gloves almost every time I jack off.

What a wonderful experience. Post Latex gloves feel good and are exiting for those with medical fetishes.

Household gloves are pretty good too ,but latex exam gloves are the best. I use latex gloves almost every time I masturbate.

Sometimes my ex asked me to make love to have some relief of painfirst she was blocked to propose during her period and dislike the mess happening from. I answered we have towels? Latex gloves are the best Yes, I like to jack off with latex gloves. Have been since I was in middle school. I'll try it tonight, but dont understand what the kick will Girl forced to masterbate

Anyone want to enlighten me? I really love latex gloves both in touching myself and my GF. I enjoy when my wife masturbates me while wearing latex gloves.

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