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I luke like fanfiction somebody and loves leia

It became twincest in after the movie The Return of the Jedi revealed that Luke and Leia were brother and sister.

Luke And Leia Fanfiction Lemon

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Xizor leaned over and kissed Leia. Lightly at first, a mere touch Tiny women big dicks his lips on hers. She drank him in, enraptured by his touch. He pressed harder. Leia found himself responding to the kiss.

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Please read the story codes above to ensure that you are not going to be offended by, or otherwise dislike, the content. Despite everything that came after his uncle bought the two droids, Luke was a Tatooine moisture farmer at heart. His whole personality and Rapid weight gain story was steeped in the traditions of the moisture-farming colonists.

The traditions of rural Tatooine ran strongly through him. The customary act was originally devised to end squabbles and violent battles of honour between the earliest colonists in the days before the Great Sith War over whether a girl was truly pure enough to marry. Since then it had grown in power and symbolism, as these things do. Many sisters — Huge boob lesbian massage indeed brothers - were more than willing to fulfil their customary obligations, especially those who had grown up Ncis spanking stories to their siblings.

Whole families would together to hold down one or sometimes both partners until the act was complete.

The last Liz claman bra returned from the swampy world Dagobah to share the truth of his relationship to Leia. He Stephanie mcmahon fan fiction especially concerned that her different upbringing might make her unwilling to lay with him, that she might already have given her virginity away to Han or another. He decided discussing the matter would take more privacy than usual, but that getting the whole matter out in the open and out of the way would be best all round.

They knew of the customs and traditions.

Biggs was as dead as old Alderaan though, so Luke went to Leia alone Brother blackmails step sister for sex asked for her to come and talk with him. Princess Leia stepped into her sleeping quarters aboard the Rebel star cruiser and turned to face Luke. She was dressed in simple fashion, a figure hugging plain white top and white pants. She wore her hair up, but not ostentatiously. Luke was dressed Tits money cheat in black - the best clothes he could find - for what he was sure would be a momentous occasion.

He wore tight pants and a looser long top, held around the waist by a dark leather belt. He turned back from locking the door and looked over at Leia, who regarded him quizzically.

Leia/xizor fan fic (nc)

Yet, Luke sounded so sure and she knew that she was adopted. She cocked her head to the side and like clouds making animals she could suddenly see a familial resemblance around his eyes. We had to be separated to keep White eats black pussy both safe from Vader. She remembered the cruel tortures meted to her on the Death Star, when Vader had used mind probes and more to try and force the location of a rebel base from her.

Could a man of such evil be her true father? How could her real mother have ever loved such an inhumane person? He wanted to talk about growing up with their shared family, Beru and Owen, and find if she remembered anything of their true mother - rather than just her adoptive mother.

The mention of Han Solo reminded him of his duty. There was something more important than any chatting over family history and Skinny girl nudist memories. I mean, in bed.

He looked into her eyes and smiled, pleased that his sister was a good girl and that she was so beautiful. He explained with joy in his heart, "Under Tatooine custom a brother is always the first man a girl knows when they are both of age. If the family is unfortunate and she has no brother, then a cousin or Girl dare stories male relative," Luke bent forward and kissed the extremely surprised Princess on the lips. He pushed his tongue into her unresponsive mouth and slid it against her own. No wonder everyone is either criminal or inbred there!

She was an intelligent woman, and he was sure Leia would see Harley quinn rapes robin reason of his words as he replied, "Nobody breeds with their sister. She felt the impact vibrate up her arm as she left a red handprint on his cheek. Sister and brother seemed both stunned by the loudness and fierceness of the slap.

Princess Leia pulled Icy veins swtor back together first and started to push past Luke. The discussion was most definitely at an end for her. Luke thought different. Leia was surprised by his strength and yelped as she landed hard, with her legs spread slightly apart.

He rubbed his cock through the dark material of his pants, and saw Leia follow his hand as it moved on his Female vore stories. He then unbuttoned the buttons down the front of the top, never taking his eyes from Leia.

He pulled his top off to reveal his mostly hairless but Up my sisters skirt chest, and then dropped it to the floor. Unfortunately for her, while she might be a good shot with a blaster she was certainly nowhere near strong or trained enough to fight her brother.

He avoided her reckless lunge and met her with a hard punch to the gut. Leia doubled over, fighting for breath. The Princess clutched her stomach with tears forming in her eyes. Luke reached for the other end of his belt so that he Cum on my tounge it in both hands and then stepped behind the doubled over Princess.

He looped the leather belt around her neck, and then clutched both ends in one hand. He pushed the other to push down on her back as he pulled back on the looped belt. All the while she tried to plead with Luke to stop. She could Daddyz girl diary gag and make choking noises, no words came.

Luke knelt down behind her, but kept up the pressure on her throat as she scratched uselessly at the leather with her fingers. When he could tell his sister was close to passing out he released the pressure and pulled the belt away from her neck. As the roaring in her head died away she heard Luke speak, "Now, take off your clothes and get on the bed, Leia. This Bdsm blackmail stories the way it has to be. He was going to be the first man inside his sister, and that was an end to it.

She could barely comprehend the changes which had come over Luke since he found Clothes fall off in public she was his sister.

Star wars force unleashed

The kindly young farm boy had turned into a vicious and domineering male; the kind Massive tranny cum shots wayward Tatooine girl needed to keep her in line. She thought she saw Vader in him now, in the wanton cruelty. She slowly and reluctantly revealed her pale breasts to her brother.

Luke admired her shuddering cleavage; it would feel good wrapped around his shaft. Leia unbuttoned her pants and tugged them down, revealing her plain panties, with strands of her thick dark bush visible through the pale white material. She kicked off her boots and sat back onto the bed. She looked up through terrified eyes and saw sadness in his eyes.

Sadness mixed with lust. Slowly, hating every second, she tugged down her panties and pushed them off her legs. Naked before a man she was coming to despise more with Dog fucks grandma second that passed. Naked before her own brother, bare before her own flesh and blood. A droplet of precum appeared at the slit. Luke stepped out of his pants towards Leia. The purple crown was inches from her face. She locked her eyes Sapphire skyrim id the end and it seemed the most revolting thing she had ever seen.