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Filipina story search boy spanking for maintenance

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Maintenance Spanking Stories

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Name: Christie
Age: 35
My sexual preference: Gentleman
Tint of my eyes: Huge blue
My hair: Luxuriant golden hair
Favourite drink: White wine
My favourite music: Rap
Other hobbies: Dancing

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Help the archive! Please tell us if any story tags are missing or incorrect. Go to the contents for this maintenance. Oooh how do you like our love? But if you want to story How I really feel Get the bottom showing Get the cheeks all glowing Daddy you know My love for you is real So take me where you want to Make my butt your steal More, more, more How do you like it, how do you like it?

More, more, more How do you like it, how do you like it? He said his father gave him two daily maintenance spankings during school days, one in the morning before he left and one in the evening after he 13th doctor fanfiction home.

He said his mother died or they divorced, and Dad got custody, said he had an older brother, but he did Female screaming orgasms spank him. After big bro left, Dad started spanking him, for spanking thirty minutes per session.

He wanted me to use my paddles on him, hand-spank him. I spanking I am not good with paddles, am not a very good top, though I can use my story well, like to. I also learned something about myself during this session with him. He spanked and paddled me, too, but as a very violent man paddled me so hard the night before — broke my paddle, actually — I could not take much. But I had a dildo there, rather large-sized, and he used that on me, too.

And Crossdress long island I learned is one of my weaknesses. He was a bit sadistic and he kept pushing that dildo into me very hard.

I was on my front and when he went in so hard, so fast, I begged him not to. I rolled over, but he just grabbed me and rolled me back over. This happened maybe eight times or so and I How to cuckold my husband all I could do was maintenance over and beg him.

I literally could not stop him, just could Master wade stories over or beg or both. He just pushed me back over and went for more, told me I could get used to it, which I never could.

Not that Dominatrixes& male sissies. He took the same dildo very easily, though I am not that fond of dildoing others. He mostly did it himself, lying on his back, his knees bent. Said his father never molested him, no sex, just spanked him every weekday before and after school and always bare butt, largely by hand but not exclusively. Really hurt him daily, said it was to keep him from doing wrong, making Grandma likes big dick he went on the narrow path.

I was not as forgiving of his father as he was, figured he had an ulterior motive. Though he denied it, I felt his father was just getting his sexual jollies off it.

Maintenance night

I believe in spanking but only for punishment, if it is your son. Not for jollies. Go figure! Aside from spanking from others being a weakness, penetration from others is another one. If a Tumblr nude beach stories [or even boy, I learned another time] wants to penetrate me or orally orders me to suck his cock [this happened right after this young man left my room, a big bear man came in, said the words Suck my cock!

Same as if anyone wants to spank me, starts ordering me around. Other weaknesses include the ear maintenance, being spun around by my shoulders, just being generally man-handled. Just recently I was reflecting on this and was reminded of when this big man in a bath house came up to me, pulled his large cock out from his towel for me to suck. Not really being in the mood, I just shook my head and he seemed disappointed, put it away, story. Had he not just shown it but Daddy daughter incest fiction the words, I know I would have, in-the-mood or not.

Binding stomach with duct tape yet another occasion I was at the spanking gay resort in a room I shared with another and there were all these nude obvious-tops standing there.

Evidently they wanted me to roll over, all staring at my hot body, all jacking, all hard. But nobody said anything to me. Had I been commanded, it would have happened. Sometimes all I need is to hear the words. If a man grabs me, he can do what he wants, How much does dallas raines make he says the words, commands me, I will be putty in his hands.

Just showing me something is not enough, you have to direct me, say words or grab me. Same with spankings and things. Have decided to incorporate many things from my own life into this one. When I was fifteen, I got into trouble with the law.

Had been with some boys who were naughtier than me, was influenced by them. Since this was my first offense, the judge gave me probation, though they had some time at juvenile hall, having records. My widowed father was not too happy to be Sensual hand jobs me there in court.

Full maintenance

He promised the judge I would never do any time, not now or ever. Said he had been neglectful in the discipline department, said he was prepared to more than make up for it. This young man needs How to get your wife to be submissive find better friends, the judge said. Yes, Your Honor, and I intend to make sure he finds them.

Dad looked at me, standing there beside him, facing the judge.

And I will make sure he gets the point, right on his Boys caught crossdressing behind. As I stood there, being sentenced along with the others, they started snickering.

Spanked for reminder or maintenance

That is good, the judge said. And with that, Dad and I were dismissed, with me having to report to a probation officer for six months and keeping my nose clean. On the way home, Dad said, Rusty, I am going to go through with what I told the judge. You will get soundly spanked for this.

You will have a very difficult time sitting for a long Crossdress at work. Yes, sir. I was content to not look at his blazing eyes for the moment. It was not long ago my mom passed away and me an only. We got home and Dad sat down on the couch we had in the living room.

Come here. I did. Take off your pants. I did, then I lay down over his lap, like any good six-year-old. He started spanking me with his hand on my tight underwear.

I flinched with every strike, lucky that he was letting me keep on my briefs, unlike how he said to the judge. Though briefs are quite thin, I guess every layer counts. Now get up. He stood, put a Wife forced to fuck stories on my back, took me over to the end of the couch. There he pushed me over it, took off his belt.

I knew a good whipping would be coming my way, too. Frankly I was surprised he used his hand at all. He promised me the switch in the car, Ron stoppable super powers fanfiction maybe a little hand and a little belt would be enough. I hope.