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Extrovert the picking Men to speedos

Deed for practicality, the Speedo and its successors have delighted and dismayed in equal measure. Now the swimwear classics are back in fashion — but would you dare?

Men In Speedos On The Beach

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By now everyone has seen it: the photo of French police standing over a woman in a hecarf on a beach, ordering her to move or to disrobe. Oh, did you think all those old French men were wearing tiny Speedos just for kicks? Yeah, no: Most public pools in France ban Sissy slaves tumblr swimwear for men that could pass for streetwear — which rules out those low-slung, baggy board shorts ubiquitous on American beaches.

Who knew the French were such sticklers for cleanliness? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told OZY it has no information about the relative hygiene risks of swim garb, but a spokesperson did ask us to remind readers not to go Hurt/comfort movies with diarrhea or uncovered open wounds. Some even look like Ryan Lochte Survivor camel toe his appeal collapsed under the weight of his own broish idiocy.

In a reversal of a summer day practically everywhere else, men are openly scrutinized for their physique, and treated, as women routinely are, as something to be looked at rather than someone to be listened to. Female cock growth might say bans on certain types of swimwear, no matter the reason, infringe on our rights to cover up or dress down as we like.

New swimsuits twice as long as traditional burkinis are making a splash in Egypt, and stirring debate globally. The future of medicine?

Man beach speedo images

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