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South woman hunt for friend like for girls

A woman on TikTok is speaking out on how bananas her younger sister's school dress code is. Even before the pandemic, parents were questioning schools' antiquated, sexist dress codes.

My Sister Dressed Me Up Like A Girl

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Name: Meggi
How old am I: 39
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She lived above the store, worked as a cook in the back, baking pies, and Alan and I would go hang out and drink milkshakes. Most of whatever you needed, they stocked: clothes, tools, magazines, and dime-store novels.

They even sold records. I felt the bass line to that song at a visceral level.

Malaysian trans woman says 'safe and free' in australia

I knew what she meant. Not Alice Cooper. But Simmons was interesting too. He was dressed up, full regalia, full makeup, big boots, devil Girls in gee strings coming up from his shoulders, just going for full-on shock. Then he hissed and stuck out his very long tongue. It was silly, way over the top, and the guest sitting right next to Simmons—an older comedian named Totie Fields—was rolling her eyes and having none of it.

But then the full band came out. It was a lot to take in.

I never became obsessed, the way some of my other friends did. For other kids my age, Kiss became the 70s equivalent of the Power Rangers.

They had Kiss lunch boxes and, later on, Kiss tattoos. But there I was, doing the same thing with Kiss that Kiss had done with Free, without even realizing it. Until Kiss and Alice Cooper came along, music had been getting softer and softer.

Jim Croce, James Taylor, Bread. I loved those lyrics and the Old sloppy cunts. But the harder stuff I was starting to hear got me going. I played it more and more loudly at home—and the volume started to cause problems because our house was a double-wide trailer.

Watching Tom put the two trailers together had been fascinating. He made steps and poured concrete to make a driveway. He built a little work Young crack whores and put a fence around the backyard.


I had a doghouse out back for Barnaby. Nona had a garden with fruits and vegetables she liked to grow. It was a nice place—the trailers were white and Nona always made sure they were immaculate, as was our yard.

Turn that commie crap down! Her name was Susie. She had glasses with metal frames, like mine.

This tiktoker's little sister got dress-coded for wearing an off-the-shoulder top

A sweet smile too. But, again, I was a bit shy and awkward myself—which was fine, because it seemed like we had all the time in the world to get to know one another. We did that on walks, up to the Dairy Queen that stood on the end of Main Street and over to the ball fields just past it. Her dad worked My son caught me masterbating the milk-bottling plant.

Sometimes we held hands, maybe kissed, and the whole world suddenly felt electric, woozy, and Cheerleaders wearing pantyhose, even though, looking back, it seems very wholesome—and it was. We held hands.

Mötley crüe’s nikki sixx on discovering hard rock in the middle of idaho

Sometimes we went bowling. We rehearsed it. It went all the way to three in the charts.

CopyrightNikki Sixx. Created by Grove Atlantic and Electric Literature. By Nikki Sixx.

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