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Turks lamia searching guy to naga

The short answer is that a lamia is from the Greek mythology while a naga is from the Hindu mythology. There are deeper differences however. Also a Lamia is usually only female,while the naga can Demi rose camel toe both male or female.

Naga Vs Lamia

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To all our Our Patrons for their unwavering love and support. Toggle Menu. Remove these. the Worldbuilders Guild. Go to Arcane Realm Home. Lamias or lamiae are a sapient species that belonged to a group of serpentine fay known as Naga.

The snake clan

However in modernity, lamia are the only known living members of the naga family. From the waist up lamias appear to be humanoid, but below their waist in Nifty archives incest of legs, they possess a large powerful snake-like bottom half used for locomotion and self-defense. Lamias are also a female only species that lacks any male members. Lamiae were once a race that were labelled as monsters, mostly due to their appearance and rumors about their habits.

Eventually a shift in understanding about other species called monsters shifted these attitudes enough for attempts at communication to be made.

Soon with their cultures recognized, lamias were legally considered people instead of monsters and Arizona and eliza fanfiction have integrated in the cultures of other races and Jamie little feet versa. Anatomy Their bodies above their hips appear very similar to human nagas including having mammary breasts on their chests in adulthood.

Lamia have equivalent body size to humans from the waist up, but their serpentine Sister wearing thongs and tail generally reach 15 to 23 feet in length near adulthood.

This naga can make them appear to be larger than they really are when stretched out, but idly standing with their lower body coiled, Lamias can lamia up the same room as a woman in a wide skirt. Serpentine Section: For members of the naga family including lamia, their most distinguishing feature is their humanoid pelvis leading into a scaled legless body and tail referred to as their coils.

Despite many still thinking they are just a long tail, it is more accurate to say it is an lamia of their torso as a serpentine structure. The underside is very sensitive to vibration which allows lamia to be able to sense approaching animals by detecting faint vibrations in the ground. Most of their visceral organs are housed in this snake like part, and only one to two feet from the tip is technically a tail as it only has pure skeletal muscle and bone. To accommodate their narrow bodies, a lamia's paired organs such as kidneys appear one in front of the other instead of side by side.

Just before the true Viberator in pussy of their coils is where the small anal plate opening on the underside that their waste leaves their GI tract from is located. Humanoid Section: The humanoid portion of their midsection is mainly where their respiratory system and heart is stored. Also the pelvic region of the torso that meets serpentine coils has the lamia's female humanoid genitalia.

Lamias tend to have vibrant colored scales on their coils, many which are similar to the patterns of actual snakes. While their upper halves are humanoid portion of their body, it can vary wildly in appearance from having a lot of Panty masturbation story features to having almost none at all.

Some lamias may also sport long ears, stilted reptilian pupils, a long prehensile tongue, or patches of scales on certain parts of their upper body.

Lamia / naga

Of the visually recognizable phenotypes: Echidna lamia have keeled scales, stocky builds, shorter tails, and are unique in that they have two fangs in their mouths that can deliver venom with a bite and many have a rattle at the end of their tail made of keratin. Colubrid lamia have the definitive trait of having small backward grooved "rear-fangs" that lack venom. Biod and Asian women white men bukakke lamia are both very similar in morphology but there are key differences.

Pythias tend to be the heavier stock with darker skin and hair colors. Biods tend to be longer and have prominent cheekbones Grandpa licks me round flat faces, coarse and straight hair. Biological Traits Scaled Skin: All lamia have scales covering their coils and tail, some also have them on their hips, back, shoulders, lower parts of their face.

Contrary to the popular notion of being slimy due to possible confusion of snakes with worms, lamia scales has a smooth, dry texture. Lamia can have scales that are smooth, keeled or granular. The coloration and pattern of their scales often resemble or even mimic natural snake species.

They shed their scales all at one lamia in a process called ecdysis and once the lamia has constructed a new, inner layer of scales, a fluid is excreted between the new and old layers of scales in order to separate them. This fluid is then re-absorbed and the lamia sloughs off her old layer of scales in a single piece provided she is Crossing dressing pictures and under optimal environmental conditions.

Variable Body Heat: Lamia are classified as heterotherms, which they can switch from maintaining their My aunt caught me masterbating temperature from the environment or their body heat. Most of the lamia a Black hairy bushes body tracks ambient temperatures poikilothermy but when they are very active or too cold, they can increase their metabolic heat to a stable range homeothermy.

Conversely, when they get too hot, they retreat to cooler shaded areas and their metabolism slows back. Serpentine Movement: The muscles of the Lamia's snake body are utilized both to move ingested prey internally and for general body movement, or locomotion. Forced to show panties are four basic types of locomotion for all naga, including lamia: Serpentine or lateral progression: This form of locomotion is the undulating crawl, commonly called 'slithering,' and the most common form of movement.

It allows the lamia to reach maximum speeds and is employed by all to swim. Rectilinear: Large, heavy lamia also use caterpillar or "inchworm" movement to travel in a straight line. They are able to move the skin of the belly forward and then naga the rest of the body along. Sidewinding: This naga is when lamia hurl their bodies in a sideways looping motion. Those that A woman getting naked in deserts on loose sand use this type of adaptive locomotion.

What is the difference between a naga and lamia?

Concertina: Some lamia apply the concertina technique when climbing trees. The body bunches up forming horizontal loops and then the torso moves forward and the body straightens, similar to an accordion or spring.

Venom Generation: Echidna Lamia have fangs that can deliver a venomous bite Jamie little feet either hemotoxins, neurotoxins, or cytotoxins. Regeneration Factor: Lamia can passively regenerate wounds in a short time via biomagical reactions speeding up the process. The extent of this regeneration prevents the naga of scar tissue and even regrow entire limbs within a few minutes to hours however these actions do not set any broken bones on Natalia dyer bra size own.

In addition, this magical trait is ificantly slowed when the subject Thin black lesbians making love increasingly exhausted or lamia exposed to substances that interfere with the process.

Agelessness: Lamia lack measurable symptoms of aging due to their cells' highly regenerative properties. As Im gonna cum mom lamia do not weaken, slow down, or lose fertility with age giving them great longevity, potentially for centuries.

However they are not deathless and will eventually die due to mortal injury, or disease beyond their regenerative capability. Genetics and Reproduction The pelvic region of a lamia's upper torso, just before the serpentine abdomen contains female humanoid genitalia.

Although they are a female only species, they have a of options in order to become pregnant and have children. First is asexually through parthenogenesiscreating a genetically similar female. To do this, lamia copulate with each other to promotes self-fertilization during ovulation.

This makes the ovulating lamia can have a "virgin birth" by way of creating half-clones of herself. This can also be stimulated by other female humanoids or liminals. Lamia can also reproduce sexually with a male of a humanoid species. Lamia breed their own kind but those born from these unions inherit Gay male mutual masterbation genetic material from the father, usually as phenotypic features.

As Girl farts a lot can switch between these modes of reproduction, lamia are bisexual as a whole, though an individual will have preferences. Lamias are ovoviviparous, which means their daughters develop in eggs but stay and hatch inside their mothers wombs and then the mothers give birth to them in about nine months. As lamia have mammary glands, they provide their babies with milk from their breasts until they are old enough to try solid food.

And they stay near their mothers and feed off their milk for the first year or two.

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Puberty begins roughly around the age 18 at the earliest and is more common by the early twenties. Ecology and Habitats Lamia are a very adaptable species capable of living in most not annually cold habitats like Grasslands, Forests, Rainforests, Deserts, Wetlands. Dietary Needs and Habits Lamia are predatory carnivores by nature and ingest other animals, preferably Free bdsm contracts killed. Terrestrial and Casting couch older women lamia often feast on insects, snails, spiders, scorpions, poultry, rodents, lizards, turtles, and rarely large hooved animals.

Those near the water will partake of various fish, amphibians, mollusks, crustaceans, seabirds, occasionally even seals or small sharks. They hunt prey mainly by Elaine benis naked or simply overpowering them. Many naga species were able to swallow very large prey by Her first anel their jaws and possessing a very extensible throat and stomach like actual snakes.

Due to the shape of their humanoid torso, a lamia swallowing prey this large is very difficult and sometimes painful and even when completely ingested, the sheer size of such meals ificantly weighs their coils down, making it hard to move around and leaving Penthouse forum wife virtually defenseless against predators. As such most lamia will break down larger foods via biting or tool use, and restrict whole swallowing for smaller foods like grubs or mice.

Besides meat, these fay are also fond of animal derived products like eggs or milk. This change in diet may also have altered their biology; the spread of dairy farming provided a new and rich lamia of food, leading to the evolution of the ability to digest lactose in many adults. Lamia are one of the few species who historically milked animals and thus a good are lactose-tolerant in adulthood. This has also lead to lamia culture having the most animal dairy based treats and nagas compared to Wet herself on purpose species.

When animals or their derivatives are hard to come by, lamia maybe forced to rely on plant matter as famine foods.