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I liked woman up chica who loves Pleasingly

A recent bestseller by Stephen King, Thinneris a thriller about a gypsy curse.

Pleasingly Plump Women

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Name: Beatriz
My age: 48
Ethnicity: Egyptian
Sexual preference: Guy
Body type: Skinny
What I like to drink: Beer

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New PM! Guys shitting together Zone » Forums » Chat Rooms ». Pleasingly Plump Tweet. A Russian student had not met a fellow student and asked a friend what she looked like.

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The friend explained facial characteristics, height, hair, etc. The Russian student looked blank so she then said, "she is heavy set". Another blank look; so finally, "she is fat". That description seems to pervade all cultures. However, we then realized how many words there are to describe weight--both over and under.

What ones can you come up with? It doesn't mean "fat" exactly, but one word I've always I want to eat black pussy to use is callipygous.

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It means "possessing beautifully proportioned buttocks". Goya's women have been described thus, and they are definitely "pleasingly plump". In this day and age of political correctness,how about 'weight challenged'? C J Strolin. There are huge no pun intended differences between "pleasingly plump," "heavy set," and "fat. The ly mentioned "zaftig" don't believe there's a final "h" but I could be wrong is a great Yiddish Hot cheerleader bj meaning, approximately, "pleasingly plump" in its most positive and desirable sense.

Ally herself was an anorexic Panty chat rooms stick figure but that's another thread Cross-threading here to our "I am pleasingly plump" thread in Wordplay. Here's hoping the link works: wordcraft.

Yeah, most of it's just fat! Skinny, as in having more skin than most people.

For : pleasingly plump

I do believe that there are thermodynamic advantages to such a build. Fat people don't freeze to death so fast. Asa says: "Buxom. My dictionary gives two definitions, which I feel are distinctly different. Attractively plump and well-proportioned; said of women.

Having a large bosom. I have always called myself buxom. I will let you guess which Fanfiction lemon forced teacher I am referring to though! I'm a BBW, myself! That is a Big Beautiful Woman. Most of the other words I can think of, compare people to animals.

How about a very simple, she's a "large" woman. Or how Sex with dogs story "rotund"? C J Strolin says: "curvy, fleshy, and very very hot! Welcome to the board C J! Some birds, notably hummingbirds, eat more than their own body weights each day.

How'd YOU like to have that kind of metabolism! That is a new one to me.

CJ, you are completely right--those 3 terms that my student originally used had 3 separate meanings. As a group, we had a great time coming up with many more.

Interestingly, it did depend on cultures--and even parts of the country USA. And, CJ, welcome to Hung shemale dom board! Going back to CJ's point about zaftig, from yiddish meaning roughly "pleasingly plump: quote: don't believe there's a final "h" but Homemade butt fuck could be wrong The best example that comes to mind is the plump Elaine from the show "Ally McBeal" - curvy, fleshy, and very very hot!

The "h" is just a question of transcription style, since yiddish doesn't use the same alphabet as english. I think of the word as meaning "plump" in a cuddly sense, not a hot one. That is, more for a pleasingly woman woman of good-natured middle-age, than for a similarly constructed young vamp-on-the-prowl like Elaine. I share your views about Elaine, by the way. I'm surprised we haven't mentioned obese yet. Fleshy is another, and avoirdupois is a good 'un. There are so so many synonyms! We could pleasingly well list scores more for Anal sex etiquette word in fact.

But there is no such thing as an exact synonym.

Whatever has happened to ‘pleasingly’ plump?

Each 'synonym' has its own level of formality, and idiomacy, different denotations,connotations, associations. Compare the words 'corpulent' and 'lardass'.

They could hardly be used interchangeably and yet they both basically mean 'fat'. What is most useful, I think, is saying in what context one would use these words and what kind Fat bi couples associations they have for us.

Pleasantly plump women

The vocabulary of negatives is often large. And we Cumming in front of strangers yet even gotten into phrases of fat instead of words. A minute in the mouth; two hours in the stomach; forever on the hips. Wildflowerchild, I love Ally McBeal-challenged! Or maybe Jennifer Aniston-challenged! By the way, welcome to the board, Wildflowerchild!

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Arnie, I think Teacher tickling stories are leaving out some of the obvious ie, obese for some of the more obscure eg, woman, which I still don't know anything about! One of the clinical conditions is Prader-Willi syndrome, a morbid obesity.

Kalleh, Embonpoint come from the French en bon pointand literally means "in good condition". In Victorian times and earlier the "ideal" female shape was rather larger than the stick-insect archetype seen as beauty today. I have already mentioned Goya's callipygous ladies; they could also be described as embonpoint: Rubens also painted such models. We even call such women Rubenesque My grandmother, a formidable lady, was one who could be described Bahan ki choudai embonpoint.

What I remember pleasingly about her was that Dad breeds daughter porn didn't seem to have breasts plural ; she did plump, have an impressive bosom singular. As Hamlet noted, in the end fat is genetically determined. There's a divinity that shapes our ends, Rough-hew them how we will. Thanks, Arnie.

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My dictionary only said embonpoint was plumpnessbut nothing about the Big wide pussys. That is a keeper! How about pot-bellied or beer-bellied? The latter is from USA beers that, from another thread, the Brits don't much like!

Pleasingly plump—part 2, fiction

Human urinal story suppose the "potpourri" section is the appropriate place to discuss potbellies. A "potbelly" is so named because it is round and protuberant, shaped like a cooking pot the sort witches dance round. It doesn't necessarily have any connection with beer-drinking. However, beer was often drunk out of "pots", collected by a potboy, so I'd guess plump is some crossover between a "potbelly" and a "beerbelly".

For Arnie I went to a picnic yesterday for a club I belong to. While sitting, talking to some folks, I couldn't help overhearing the man next to me discussing a woman with a nice I interupted and informed him if he wanted to compliment her, Seeing moms tits should tell her she is callipygous!

This created a few chuckles, and I finally explained what it meant to him and his brothers, and his mother! These men were in their 50's and mom was a proud 82! During the course of the day, callipygous became the word of the day at the pleasingly.

I even had to choose someone to explain the word properly, and chose the newly divorced dad who just lost 94 pounds to be my callipygous model! He took it all in stride, and said he was flattered by the compliment! So, now, about 30 women from the towns of Boston and Eden, New York, all have a new word for their vocabularies. Of course, they were all fighting over who had the most callipygous cows in town when I left!