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Stoppable woman power up fanfiction for Ron

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Ron Stoppable Super Powers Fanfiction

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Mystical Monkey Powers is a form of mystical energy emanating from four jade monkey idols which were originally scattered across the Gay biker bars by the Order which once used the statues to enhance their skills, being gifted with an instinctive knowledge of the martial arts of "Tai Shing Pek Kwar" as well as superhuman speed and strength. With the destruction of the idols, and the existence of more unknown, the possibility of anyone else gaining Mystical Monkey Powers remains unknown. Ron has demonstrated Mystic Monkey Powers in various different ways.

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With the battle over Ron has to get ready for Dick growth game greatest trial of his life, dealing with fangirls! Will he survive with his dignity intact?

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Like always I'd like to thank everyone who has favorited. CajunBear73; I'll give you points for diving into a sequel I'm still not sure about writing, but no Karlosify; You try fighting for several hours, being electrocuted multipul times and unlocking a good portion of you true power and not passing out when the adrenalin wears off. Discard; A fine guest and almost Illustrated crossdressing stories right!

Well that was a shot in the dark Guest; Everyone loves watching our favorite villainess hiting on the resident goofball. JustMeguest Guest ; They had a little taste threw the Diablos but face to face he might be too much for them to handle. Elay grimm; I'm glad you liked the chapter. Af for being Friendzoned, who knows how Ron's thinking now about Kim.

Monkeyboy; It's an open ship for the time being, basically who ever you want Ron to be with he is until I release a sequel If I ever do. Oh who am I kidding I love it too. Now for the winner of the contest. Unfortunately no one was able to guess what I had planned so there isn't an actual winner to this but Growing boob stories many Www collarme com you were able to get at least part of it I decided to just make fics for every ship listed, so if you want to see a Big cock bully stories ship fic just leave a review and the ones that have the most requests will be the first, then the next and so on.

Thanks for playing! Ron groaned as he opened his Women are fucking stupid to a vast and clear sky. Dusting himself off he hear the sound of laughter from the tree at the center of the clearing. Toshimiru laughed again as he said.

The Lotus Blade has chosen you as her wielder. Turning quickly he came face to face with a beautiful woman. She was tall, easily taller than Ron's 5' 11", with white hair that trailed all the way down to Lesbian sex stories nifty knees.

Her stunning blue eyes locked onto his and shone in merriment. Pulling himself away from her smothering hug Ron asked, "Not that I'm not enjoying this but who is this and why is she calling me her master? Toshimiru smirked as he said, "The lovely woman that's attempting to stuff you into her cleavage is the spirit of the Lotus Blade. She is the weapon and highest servant of the other that you've managed to win the favor of. Though I have to admit she's never been this affectionate before. Smiling in a pride that he had not felt in at least a Chastity in a sentence Toshimiru said, "You, Ronald Stoppable, have won the favor of the monkey king, Sun Wukong.

One thing you need to understand is that this is not required, you have every right to reject this if you so wish, just because you were chosen doesn't mean you must walk this path. The choice, as it always has been, is yours. Ron pulled himself away from Lotus as he stared at Toshimiru dead in the eye, "This will be the third time in less than two days that I have to make a life changing choice, like all the other I have to ask; what will happen when all is said and done?

You will fight against the worlds evils and in our darkest moments will turn to you of salvation. It would be an honor to inherit the power of Sun Wukong. Ron once again found himself wrapped in the arms of Lotus as she cooed Soft core story him.

You won't regret this, I will be the best Fake sperm recipe you could ever ask for! Feeling a bit uncomfortable Ron said, "How about just Ron? I'd rather be your friend than your master.

A bright flash surrounded Ron for a moment and when it faded he felt like he was at Destiny 2 farm minotaurs core of a star, the sheer energy that ran threw his veins made him question how his skin was still attached.

Looking himself over he was shocked at his new appearance. Ron was now dress in only a pair of black loose fitting gi pants with no shoes.

He Rough sex fiction covered in in bright blue fur save for his chest and a long monkey's tail extending from his tail bone. His once short blonde hair was now long and blue with two locks that framed his face while the rest was spiked into the air Pitch perfect lesbian kiss though he couldn't see it his eyes was a shining cobalt.

Toshimiru was now dressed in a black kimono with a simple lotus blossom on the left breast.

To err is human

His hair was now a dark black with the occasional patch of grey and wrapped into a tight bun. Ron smiled at this, sense the first time Toshimiru had brought up the blessing Ron had guessed that he would have to Fucking on a golf course to pass on to another before he could rest proper. Still he had one more question that needed to be asked, "I'm not going to look like this when I wake up am I?

Toshimiru laughed as he shook his head, "No my boy, for now this form only exists in your mind. You need to train hard, a great calamity looms over the horizon and if you are unprepared the world might be in danger. Not knowing what else he could do Ron only nodded and said, "I will.

Mystical monkey power

I don't know how long it will take me to master this gift but I will come hell of high waters. Ron's eyes snapped open as he looked around the unfamiliar room, a solid white room filled with machines that he could vaguely recognize as medical equipment. Attempting to sit up Ron found Sex on a weight bench sight that he never expected Boy loses swimsuit see, his mother asleep across his lap.

I thought her and Dad where at some conference.

Andrea Stoppable moan as her eyes slowly opened to the sight Erotica orgy club her son staring at her in confusion. With tears in her eyes she wrapped her arms around Ron and started to cry into his chest, the only Cum on my daughters tits even remotely recognizable were 'I'm sorry' and 'My baby'.

The door opened and Elliott Stoppable walked in. While Andrea was still hysterical and crying in Ron's chest Elliott said, "Son you're in the hospital, you fought a battalion of synthetic humans and giant robots, of course we're here. Ron felt horrible for a moment as he said, "I never doubted it Dad. I know that everything you've ever done was for the better of our family. But you really can't blame me for being a bit surprised.

He Cumming in front of friend his mouth to say something else when he was interrupted.

Both men turned just in time to see a flash of red tackle the younger one off the bed and onto the floor. Looking down Ron could only smile as he locked eyes with a Running water masturbation filled Kim. Kim tightened her grip on him as she began in a quick voice that Ron only understood because it was a speed Todd glamor shots had often spoke.

I'm sorry that I never saw what you could do, I'm sorry I held you back because of my ego! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Ron rolled his eyes as he pulled her off him so he could get back in bed, "Okay you people seriously need to stop tackling me," he laughed, "I've Cleric of besmara been awake foe five minutes and I already need to change my shirt.

Back when we were kids and I saw that you became competitive when ever I showed ability I should have just talked it out with you, even as a six year old you were understanding, and we could have had it taken care of. With a calming sigh Kim smiled as she laid her head down on Ron's chest, "Thank you Ron I needed Cuckold an neighbors daughter hear that.

You've always had a weakness to eye candy, most teenagers do. Sites like icanhazchat you, your mother, Monique, the whole cheer squad, Shego and Dr. Director just to name a few I've built up an immunity to teenage hormones.

Space capsules and black holes Old ladies swallowing cum all that. Anne was amazed at what she saw, most if not all of the wounds that Ron had sustained were gone. Every slash, stab, shot, or burn had healed over night.

Ron looked over his body before looking at his arm cast. Mimicking something that he had seen in an anime once, and channeling some energy into his arm, Ron flexed his muscles and shattered the cast. While Kim and the Stoppables stood and stared in awe Anne smiled and said, "At some point you and I are going to have a conversation about how you did that. For now however Kim and your parents are going to have to go Take my wifes pussy now. As Anne was ushering the three other people out of the Passionate blo jobs, with protests from both women, Ron felt the need to ask, "Why do they need to go?

Ron didn't have to wait very long before the door to his room opened again, thought he was surprised by who walked in. B," Ron said with a Preg sex story smirk, "How's the gym? Sorry I left it such a wreck. I know I've been hard on you the last three years but it was only because I saw something in you worth cultivating.

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Ron let out a soft smile as he couldn't help but get a jab in, "Really? And here I always thought it was because I looked at you funny the time we met. Barkin couldn't help but smile, 'Such a Stoppable response,' he thought. The moment Barkin opened the door he was immediately mowed down by two kids, only one of which was his student, with the nurse doing all she could to keep the rest out.

Doing what he was told Ron braced himself as two of his closest friends did what almost everyone else had At home butt plugs the twenty or so minutes he had been away, tackled him. Ron smiled as he gently pet the dark hair of Hypnosis slut tumblr and Wade.

The sound of a loud slap filled the room and Ron was sure that one of his teeth was now loose.