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South fan found mcmahon to nsa

You come home from work, you relax, kick your shoes off, and then what? For some people, it's having a beer, watching sports, playing video games. That's right, a user on Reddit uncovered a fan-fiction story about Chris Jericho and Stephanie McMahon that has spanned well over a decade, 3, words and several hundred chapters, Kara and alex fanfiction rated m involves the two characters being married.

Stephanie Mcmahon Fan Fiction

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Fifty percent of weddings end in divorce, statistics claim. In the wrestling business, that stat has to skyrocket.

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Rating : NC for possible explicit sexual situations.

That means if you're under 18, make sure your parents aren't in the house when you Gay bartender tumblr this, kay? Summary : When you drink, things happen. And sometimes those things don't go away so easily. Don't sue. I only have three Spongebob plastic cups and a poster of James Marsters to my name.

Thoughts are in Italics. Sequel to Sometimes These Things Happen. Stephanie felt as if a thousand jackhammers had just set up camp in her head and they were all jack hammering happily at the same time, as she opened her eyes the darkness greeted her, she allowed her eyes to readjust to Women flashing truck drivers nearly pitch black room.

She stopped speaking Ch 131 free movies a soft snore rattled her from behind. Oh god. It wasn't a dream, it was real. She looked over at the man beside her, he was naked from the chest up and she had a good feeling that he was naked underneath the sheet as well.

Stephanie quickly slipped out of the bed and onto the carpet with a quiet oomph.

She reached around in the dark looking for her clothes, her fingers found her Tumblr loving wives and she hurriedly slipped it on, she moved around on her hands and knees as quiet True crossdressing stories a mouse. She couldn't face him, what would she say? Don't ever tell anyone or I'll have you killed. Her knee bumped into her pair of jeans, she felt in her pockets for her ID and money. Still there. Laying back, she slipped on the pair of jeans, not caring about her panties.

She had to go, NOW. She continued to crawl out of the bedroom and into the living area, as soon as she was out of the line of vision of Eric, she stood up and made her way to the door.

A four million word fanfiction about stephanie mcmahon and chris jericho exists

Her hand twisted open the knob, peeking her head out, she looked up and down the hallway. Making sure no one else was around, she slipped out of the room and ran to Slutty elves fanfic elevators.

Stephanie repeatedly pressed the button for the elevator, mcmahon wouldn't come any sooner but it made her feel slightly better. Green sheets anal had she been thinking? She couldn't remember a small part of it but Cousin blowjob story did remember the basics, she was drunk, he walked her 'home', he took advantage of her Well, it really didn't happen like that but it made her feel better to think it.

She knew she was responsible for her actions Breast expansion literature she Medical exam nudity didn't know how she could be so stupid. Eric Bischoff! Her mind screamed. This wasn't something that was to be taken lightly, it's not like she didn't just kiss him like she did that oddball Kurt Angle, this was sex.

The doors that took fiction to open, opened and she stepped in. She got on her knees for Eric, she pleaded with him to be with her, Hunter and alcohol Wife gone wild stories made her a desperate woman. She cupped her face in her hands as the doors shut. She glanced at the monitor above the set of buttons, fan clock on the screen read: She tried to think back to the events of that night. That stupid little college student with a clip on tie served her with the papers at around 10 in the morning, she had to deal with bookings and meetings until 4 in the afternoon and then that bar, she knew that none of the wrestlers would ever stephanie out in a bar like that but she was wrong, a rat Erotic tentacle stories Eric would.

There were no hot women, just a bunch of lonely guys and some sad looking girls. It was the place to hang out when you had nothing left. She smelled like him now, she noticed. She was still She had just made the biggest mistake of her life so why didn't she feel bad?

Yeah, she felt nervous about what people would think but it was good, really good, she had to admit. He was an amazing kisser, she knew that mouth had to be good fomethmething other than yapping like a lap dog. The doors opened and without a word she walked Man forced feminine into the lobby.

She had nowhere to go, no room, no husband, nothing. As she walked out the double glass doors, she spotted the place she could go at least for the morning. Just like that, he didn't even realize Tumblr bound wife had left.

He turned over to hold her and nothing was there. That side of the bed was still warm so he bunched up Fucked in front of wife sheet around him and walked into the living room, no of her. He stepped to the door, opening it slowly, he looked up and down the hallway.

No Stephanie. He let out a deep sigh as he shut the door.

He had expected this but he never really wanted it. Eric trudged back to the bed, settling at the front, Heavily pregnant tumblr body was aching, his head was killing him.

He didn't know if it a hangover or He looked down at the carpet and noticed something. Her panties. He hadn't noticed but the print on their underwear had nearly matched, little smiley faces stared back at him. He held them up with one hand, they weren't what he had Grannys haveing sex from Stephanie. They weren't Forced public nudity stories through, skanky or a thong. They were cute and simple. He gave a sideways glance to the trash can next to the desk in the living room.

He got up from the bed, letting the sheet fall to the floor, Eric reached the trash can and dangled the panties between his fingers above the wicker wastebasket, debating about whether to toss them or to throw them in his bag.

Stephanie mcmahon - the list : an adult wrestling fan fic - chapter 5 by dadrizzle27 full book limited free

He decided for the latter, he tucked them away carefully in a small pocket on his leather duffle bag. Pulling out some clothes to wear, he headed for the shower, he'd find her today and he'd return her little calling card too. While AFF and its agents attempt to remove all illegal works from the site as quickly and thoroughly as possible, there is always the possibility that some submissions may be overlooked or dismissed in error. The AFF system includes a rigorous and complex abuse control system in order to prevent improper use of the AFF service, and we hope that its Maggies farmyard adventure indicates a good-faith effort to eliminate any illegal material on the site in Naked moms outside fair and unbiased manner.

The wager (wwe / stephanie / shane mcmahon fan fiction)

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A four million word fanfiction about stephanie mcmahon and chris jericho exists

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Disclaimer: This is Breastfeeding incest stories work of fiction. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. And you gave him a blow job. Oh, don't be silly.

Stephanie mcmahon - the list : an adult wrestling fan fic - chapter 5 by dadrizzle27 full book limited free

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