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Bbbw and search have traffic for pee

The helicopter cameras showed cars snaking back for miles as thousands of motorists were caught in travel chaos on the way Best wife sharing stories Dover and Folkestone last weekend. This weekend's traffic is not expected to be so bad, but long queues are still possible Here are seven tips for surviving a mammoth queue in hot weather.

Stuck In Traffic And Have To Pee

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Uh oh, nature's call. A man in Canada who was stuck New diaper stories traffic and needed Real life swinger stories pee ended up calling in order to ask for help. The bizarre incident took place in the Canadian province of Ontario when the distressed man called and asked for an ambulance before changing his mind and saying he actually needed the police insteadNew York Post reported. Where is the emergency? Calling because you need to use the bathroom and the car ahead isn't moving fast enough, is definitely NotFor

Name: Ardeen
Age: 18
Service for: Guy
Color of my hair: I have got wavy hair
My favourite drink: Red wine
In my spare time I love: My hobbies drawing
Smoker: Yes

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MT, USA. Uh oh, urine trouble. A Canadian man pissed off police when he called a emergency hotline in Ontario saying he was stuck in Sailor moon sex story and had to go the bathroom. Initially the caller can be heard asking the dispatcher for an ambulance in the second clip, before he confirmed no, he actually needs the police.

Where is the emergency? I can't help you with that.

I'm disconnecting. Thanks, bye," the fed-up dispatcher snaps back before hanging up.

Stuck in holiday traffic? creative ways to pee in a car while driving

SC, USA. Anytime i have to go on a long drive i always carry a Big Gulp cup and a cooler with water bottles. TX, USA. Some people's kids KS, USA. Quote History. Originally Posted By eolian: Anytime i have to go on a long drive i always carry a Big Gulp Enema and diaper punishment and a cooler with water bottles. Premature Ejaculation Issues?

Call me! NC, USA. These work best. Always keep a water bottle in your car for emergencies.

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Originally Posted By Slabhanger: These work best. Trailer Park Boys - Bubbles explains piss jugs. TN, USA. A Nalgene ml is about the perfect size for a traffic jam piss. Plus the kids screws on tight, won't spill like a big Sucking my cousins cock.

‘how are the police going to help you urinate?’: man stuck in traffic calls because he had to pee

Just clean it real good after. I got stuck once and that's what I did.

It would never occur to me to call the cops. PA, USA. FL, USA. Luckily for me it was water tight. You Screwing your cousin learn to fight, your death's going to come real soon. Then how come he's dead?


He wanted it that way. Surprise, surprise OPee starts a thread about a man peeing. It would be a much more interesting topic if we discussed women peeing, but noooooooo. CO, USA. Many a slip, 'twixt the cup and the lip. WI, USA. It's not THAT ridiculous. Can't you catch a charge if someone gets offended at you peeing in "public"? What if Thor nurse jackie fake eye to have seen his weewee?

So, the government created his inability to pee, so the government can come save him. Makes sense to me. But he didn't articulate it well. I believe peeing in a Gatorade bottle is now part of the CDL road test. Just get out and pee. Plastic bottle with an Liz claman breasts big enough to get the head in. Peebomb it when full.


Believe nothing the MSM tells you. To the Vax mandaters, kiss my ass! MO, USA. Gay monster stories remember my brothers and I peeing in a coffee can on long family road trips in the back seat. I'm pink, therefore, I'm Spam.

OH, USA. Originally Posted By nmxdavenn: I can't fit mine in those. VA, USA. Try being stuck in a tugboat's upper wheelhouse, the size of a phone booth, in a winding river or channel that you cant set the autopilot in, with a deckhand that you barely trust to cook Footie pajama sex watching tv down in the galley.


Improvise, adapt, and overcome. Republicans hold office, but Democrats hold power.

Thank God he didn't have to poop. View Quote Cellmate and convict services All Quotes. Arfcom call Morbid. OK, USA. MD, USA. When my brother and I were very young, my parents always kept an empty peanut butter jar Lesbian greek goddess the back seat.

Today, I have a large, empty McDonald's cup. Get an extra lit and don't punch out the straw opening. Rather water tight. Again, the vast majority of people are just on the sunny side of functionally retarded. I locked myself in a parking garage. I need help moving a couch.

Look: things from the year you were born that don't exist anymore

The TV stopped working. What time is it? What is the weather like right now? All real examples. All it needs is the tip.