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This should be aptly named like Alice in Wonderland but Phil in Succubiland.

Succubus Summoning 101

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On January 20th,the 6,th article was added to the SuccuWiki! For other uses of the word Succubussee Succubus disambiguation. Succubus Summoning is a novel written by M. It is the first full length novel by Mature rouch anal author and is also the fourth work that this author has released. In this work several of the main characters are Succubi.

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The man laughed. At the college students are taught how to summon and control daemons from Hell.

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Everyone at Wargsnouts knows what a succubus is, and why warlocks summon them. Succubi are female sex daemons, famed for their mastery of the arts of pleasure. Eager to experience this pleasure first-hand, Phil and his friend, Jake Pulman, take the Daemonica Malefique from the library Gay group jerkoff movies use it to summon a pair of succubi for a night of sexy fun.

After all, Real aunt fucking are sex daemons, used only for sex, how dangerous can it be… Phil finds out exactly how dangerous when the ritual goes wrong and he is taken prisoner by a harem of hot succubi. Trapped in a perverse corner of Hell, can he escape before the erotic wiles of the succubi claim his life and soul…? I rather liked this book.

It actually had more plot than I was expecting. There is a LOT of sex in this book.

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Like if this was on Pornhub, it would have it's own section and about 5 years worth of vid Rating 1. The story revolves around Phil who has just started at This should be aptly named like Alice in Wonderland but Phil in Succubiland. As fun and horrific it was to read this, I wish there was more story and character development Seriously loved this book, and I wouldn't mind to see Tumblr wank buddy there would ever be a sequel.

If this author as any other full lengths stories like this i would love to buy them Hydra is Efukt tumblr horror story for their own unique brand of twisted horror erotica. They enjoy juxtaposing the sensual with the horrifying to evoke a mixture of arousal and fear in their readers. Succubi and similar dark seductresses feature prominently in their work.

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So far they've had published a novel, Succubus Summoningand six collections of short stories: A Succubus for Christmas, A Succubus for. Toggle eBooks, epub, comic, magazine and PDF shelf.

Genres Most Read. Home Fantasy Succubus Summoning Succubus Summoning Read Book Online Download Book.

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Succubus summoning series

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