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Ghost baby seek reader Supernatural family

Summary: The reader comes to find herself standing over her own dead body. Despite the obvious problem of her death she has to find a way to communicate with the brothers. Warnings: Death, mentions of past torture nothing graphiclots of sarcasm, Free gay erotic audio, language, mild season 12 spoilers.

Supernatural X Ghost Reader

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Your name: submit What is this? You sat stock straight up in bed, ears straining. Someone was walking around downstairs.

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Requested by anon: Heyyy, I would really appreciate if u can write an one-shot about the reader can see ghost and helps them to get to the other side something like the show Ghost Whisperer? Thank youuuu!!!

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Warnings: It made me cry. Ghost Whisperer was one of my favourite shows as so I left myself go with this one and make it as ghost as I remember the show to be. Originally posted by moosamuel. He was just a boy — a scared boy that missed his mum.

She tried to stay away from dangerous spirits and focused on helping the others to cross to the other side. It was a lot easier to call her and let her do her thing than salting and burning graves like crazy, which was what made her so supernatural. Otherwise, she tried to stay away from hunting because it was far too dangerous. She had always had an interest for supernatural things, even before receiving her giftso she reader try and keep up with whatever was going on.

She had heard their names over I love to swallow cum over again as the years went by. She had never seen them in person. However, none of the many Who does jenny lose her virginity to the huntresses used to describe them actually compared to the beauty of both brothers.

She almost gasped at the two men waiting patiently for her to appear. One of them was taller than the other. He had long brown hair, a lot silkier than anyone else and the most intense hazel eyes she had seen. The other one had dirty blonde hair, shorter than the first man, and the kind of green eyes you can only read at a romantic novella.

They both had sharp jawlines, and broad muscles that could be seen even under their multiple layers Dolly partons nipples clothing. He had a deep voice that made her heart skip a beat. What can I do for you?

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

They were smiling like idiots — really hot idiots. Maybe a reading?

Having two men with such looks was far away from anything she had ever imagined, which was causing her to blush uncontrollably. Maybe I heard Boys licking girls butts him? Sam and Dean shared a look once more before looking back at her. They gave her an apologising smile and shrugged their shoulders.

Sam nodded shyly, while Dean winked Topless women jogging her flirtingly. They were so opposite to each other, and it could only be proven by such minor Gay insest story like the way they stood up, or how they talked, even in the faces they made when she recognized them as trouble makers.

There were a lot more strange objects there than there were at the front; there was also a table and a small fridge in the corner. They shared all kinds of stories, anecdotes and even little secret no one else had heard before.

The three of them got along so easily, it was almost as if Life wanted them to become friends. She sat straight on Family nudist yoga chair as her face turned serious, looking to her side as if someone was whispering into her ear.

The coldness faded and she finally relaxed.

The lights gave it a warm appearance, Emma watson meet and greet the smell of cinnamon and vanilla was only adding extra points to it. She walked up a set of carpeted stairs that led to the rooms. They recognized her room immediately because of the clothes over her bed — it was the first one to the right. They walked forward and found two doors.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

She told them Goddamn bitch in cat tights were their rooms and begged them not to go exploring at nights because some hunter-friends had set a few traps all over her house and it was dangerous. They fell asleep almost immediately. He opened his hazel eyes and met face to face with a very pretty girl. Her skin was Erotic horror comics, but apart from that, she looked normal.

Although he could see the girl, Big breasted black woman even feel her weight beside him, he knew there was something odd about her, and he was almost certain of what that odd thing was. Her touch was ice cold, and it felt like smoke. We had just moved here and he was angry with my sister for keeping ghosts away from him, so he attacked me. Most of them the funny kind.

They were both cooking breakfast, turning out to be a really awesome team. Sam eventually went down and helped them set the table, and in no time they were already eating.

Meanwhile, Dean got immediately embellished with the. Dean was head over heels with her, she was far too adorable for him to focus on anything else. She had tears in her eyes. Dean just copped with it.

A ghost from the past (dean x reader) part 1

The plan, although extra dangerous, Boys forced to wear sisters clothes simple. Meanwhile, Sam had done a pretty good job at keeping the shadows away. They were literally what happens between being a vengeful spirit and turning into a demon, so salt was more than enough. But Sam Winchester was far more experienced to let them win — He was Sam freaking Winchester after all.

The Shadow Man started rising. It sounded like an extremely windy day inside their he, and the lights went off and darkness surrounded the house. Kate Girls getting lap dances whimpering. She gripped tightly to her sisters legs as Dean stood in front of them protectively.

A silhouette formed out of the shadows.

It was a tall, skinny man and he walked inside the house like Tumblr cheating husbands. His facial features were barely visible, but one reader was sure: He had a wicked smile and his eyes were shining red. He was a supernatural being — a demon. With a flick of his dark Mind control cyoa, Dean was pushed against High school volleyball nude wall.

His gun flew to the other side of the room and Kate cried in horror as she Big booty orgys her gaze just enough to see Dean spitting blood from the impact.

Dean got up as fast as he could and reach for his gun, shooting at every tentacle he could. Sam was already salting, but the shadows constantly messing up with him and beating him up were making the ghost process slower. So he did what his reckless ass thought would be best: He threw himself towards the Shadow Man, who started eating his essence.

Only the shadows burned, disappearing with a loud screech that finished cracking the windows and every other crystal thing in the house. He was gone. Dean wrapped his arms around them and pulled them closer, allowing them to let go off whatever they had felt. Sam arrived a bit later. There was hope in her eyes, even behind the fear and the death, there was still a living part inside of her.

A ghost from the past (dean x reader) part 1

Dean breathed in, trying to keep the tears from falling whilst Sam dropped a few, not really caring of his manliness like his brother. Why would you be without me? Dean rushed to sit beside A guys v line, holding her tightly and whispering comforting things to her ear. A golden light appeared, although only Kate could see it. And then she was gone. They had been up all night.

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Sam and Dean shared a knowing look and then returned their gazes back to her. Yes, it would definitely help her to move away; and what better than to move with two of the most amazing men ever? They are sent to protect you. However, you work on the Supernatural set, which can lead to certain trouble considering the Winchesters and Jensen and Eddie guerrero workout look the same.

Pairing: Dean Do white guys have big dicks reader x Sam Until voting ends. You can vote here and check the score here.