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The girl pick donk drunken funday sunday

What gives?

The Drunken Donk Sunday Funday

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Name: Eyde
How old am I: 62
Eyes: I’ve got soft brown eyes but I use colored contact lenses
My favourite music: Easy listening

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Arizonny ambushed Seattle last week and is now in line for the 9th pick in the draft. The Rams thought that Jalen Ramsay was the cherry Girlfriends caught having sex top of the piece de resistance so they have all kinds of squat in the 1st round.

Or were they green? I wonder which gym he goes to? Los Tits had much like Derrick Henry a good run right on up until much like Derrick Henry the wheels fell off.

Like the Packers on the other side, the Texans certainly have the feel of a one and doner come the playoffs. Are the Donks officially 2nd in the Division? Anyway, each team sucks at Nudist group sex tumblr OT, so I am cool with the result.

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I hate 3 of fucking teams. While I loathe the Eagles I will always keep Old porn stories fire burning for them for preventing the Pats from winning three straight. The Eagles go three and out, Absorb tf favorites considering that their best offensive strategy has been to give the ball to the Giants and watch them derp the fuck out of it, hardly the worst strategy. Saquon showing everyone how many losing seasons he's already amassed in his short nfl career pic.

"this guy redshirt, i call him ryan shazier because he’s been badly hurt by the nfl and has learned to temper his expectations for the future as a mechanism to avoid being hurt again" – lemonjello

Thanks NYG. Garrett gone. Raiders offense cutting through the Broncos defense like it was Swiss cheese.

Swiss cheese that has already proven its dominance and has pretty much lost interest in the proceedings, that is. Yet…only 6 points even with How to become a gay sex slave fuckery. Had the Cowboys beaten the Jets, the fucking Jet s, this game would be completely irrelevant.

Once MOAR, fer posterity? Everybody except the Titans appears to be holding up their end of the bargain. Oh, and the Raiders too, of course. Do your thing. article. Notify of. Inline Feedbacks.

Asean news

King Hippo. December 29, pm.

Reply to King Hippo. Reply to Rikki-Tikki-Deadly.

Urban thesaurus

Garrett still going to return to the Super Bowl in a Linked In commercial. Hey great. I got everyone out of the house just in time to not see one second of win Stories about blowjobs Senor Weaselo. Reply to theeWeeBabySeamus.

Urban thesaurus

Like immediately. Reply to Senor Weaselo. KC, Ravens, Viks, 49ers. Bills, Tits, Ospreys are my teams now.

Reply to Spur. Horatio Cornblower. Reply to Horatio Cornblower. Reply to Gratliff. Hard to believe we were all hoping for a division winner not long ago.

Mistborn Impossible. Dallas has 44 points? Calling it now: Princeton Red gets another year. Reply to Mistborn Impossible.

Eli lost two home playoff games to the Eagles. Drunk wife fuck off his dick. Only thing wetter than this Ravens Steelers game is my wife seeing the Witcher in the tub. Reply to Gatoraids.

Reply to rockingdog. Reply to Unsurprised.

Like, that thing was a GIFT? Pettiness is a virtue Saquon showing everyone how many losing seasons he's already amassed in his short nfl career pic. Princeton is absolutely gonna get another chance based entirely on Real sph stories the hapless slurs. Nothing in my comment implied that the Eagles are good, Sir.

God, whoever gets the wild card Naked family album is going to walk past either one of these shitshows. The Seahawks are as banged up as Nina Hartley, both could come good at home.

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