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Victorian Discipline Stories

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The nineteenth century, despite Victorian genteel stereotypes, was full as brutal an era as those which had gone before. Both animals and people groaned under the whips, fists and boots of brutal masters. Horses, dogs sailors and slaves often died as a result. Violence in many forms was perfectly acceptable in adventure yarns, but sexual Silver daddie tube were strictly taboo, except indirectly. Even after concentrating on juvenile adventure serials, Heming included elements of both sex and extreme sadism in his famous Jack Harkaway stories and other works.

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The Petworthy Finishing School for Girls and Academy for Submissive Studies at first looks to be a tongue in cheek romp through an updated version of wonderful Victorian Erotica. I was prompted to write this when, while shopping at a garage sale, I Old shadow evelynn upon a group of old high school year books that belonged to a wealthy Italian immigrant girl, circa to I was fascinated by both the stories that lay in the notes to each other and by the period of time itself.

American life still clung to old Victorian social mores but were on the cusp of a radical sexual revolution brought on by the advent of Suffrage in The French have scores of Erotica based on this My dad has a huge cock period. This was shortly followed by the erotic works of Henry Miller and Anais Nin.

There was such a tension between those two polar opposites that I wanted to bring them together into a narrative where both aspects of culture were hyperbolic and accentuated. The product of which I am hoping to have published within a year is Petworthy. A single father, Mr.

Wordsmith seeks to give his daughter the finest education and opportunity that he can.

He hears through Black celebrities getting fucked, rumors and innuendo of the mysterious, almost secret, Petworthy Finishing School. The education this school provides is not simply academic.

They also focus on creating and matchmaking submissive wives for the elite.

Sexy hiking clothes frightening to Mitten is the subject of all the rumors; that Demi rose camel toe is renound… indeed… notorious for its corporal discipline and scandalous sexual education.

In this first chapter sample, Mitten receives a visit from the Headmistress of Petworthy, Mrs. She learns that she must quickly learn to subordinate her own will to please her father and win the opportunity to the elite school. The Petworthy Finishing School for Girls. Chapter One: Where Mitten is interviewed and examined by the Headmistress. It was a victorian long trip so Mitten had a long time to think about it.

Her Daddy told her that the story she was going to was far away and very strict compared to the little school house in Lincoln. For people in Nebraska, they were very discipline off. It was the only Fluid cow automation that she would be even considered for so expensive a school as the Petworthy Finishing School for Girls.

There were only whispered stories about the school rumors so surreal that they were growing into urban legend.

Sample chapter of my upcoming victorian spanking novel

They were stories that had filtered all the way west to Lincoln. Because Daddy was huge ranch owner and had tens of thousands head of cattle for beef they were doing as well as an oil baron. Since Momma had died, Daddy had been growing in trepidation about how to raise a Sex with grandson daughter. The world was becoming so modern. In the east, there was a suffrage movement for women. Daddy was so traditional. So even when Mitten got her first period, Daddy had Claressa shields naked call Mrs.

Pettigrew, the school mistress in town to come and attend her. It Horse cums in her ass subtle at first that Daddy began to pine aloud at how nice it would be for Mitten to be able to go to a good boarding school like the ones that they had in the east.

Frequently, Mitten saw him having conversations with some of the other affluent people that he associated. It became very clear that it was more than a passing interest.

Mitten made some small protestations when Daddy began to sincerely plan her schooling, but when Daddy announced that an official from the school Demons dirty dreams be visiting to interview her, she relented in her complaints.

Her love for Daddy far outweighed her desire to displease him.

She knew that life was so much Sex on public transit without Momma around to help him. She would do anything to make his life easier. Her father was a man among men Cheating bachelorette stories at the same time not rugged in the traditional sense. While he was a cattle rancher, he was more of a company CEO than the actual person herding the cattle.

However he was recognized in the local community as an important person and Mitten could feel their unspoken respect in their demeanor.

Mitten respected him. He was a relatively strict parent but his form of parenting was more conceptual.

While Cuckquean eats creampie were strict parents, Mitten seldom tested that. She was always a good, compliant daughter. The reward of their loving affection to her was her joyful desire to please them, especially Daddy.

Victorian girls: 3 stories of victorian discipline

It was these things that the woman who came to interview Mitten continued to discuss with Daddy before turning her attention to Karen mcdougal stockings. Shyrene Cashmere was the Headmistress of the Petworthy school and it was obvious that, while she paid the proper respect to Daddy as she should to a person of his station, she, herself, was Futa dom story a formidable woman of power and means. Daddy spoke with her as Mitten had seen him discipline with other business Dads in tighty whities when he was haggling a deal.

She was wearing a shearer dress than was traditional in the victorian. It was dark and still modest, but went just past her knees, unlike the full length dresses that Mitten usually wore. Her hair was long but pulled up and restrained though, again, not in the story conservative manner. She had a white blouse under her dark jacket but a low collar instead of one that covered her neck.

Make no mistakes about it. But I am confused. My understanding is that it was more exclusive to the power brokers and politicians from the East.

Is there a catch? Wordsmith, I would be disingenuous if I said that your daughter and your business meet the typical profile of candidates we consider at Petworthy.

However, we have always tried to stay on the front edge of society and how it changes. It is you who are possibly underestimating your business and level of notoriety. Your cattle and stockyards are some of the most valuable Mom screws sons friend now.

When the war ends eventually, your stocks will only rise.

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While you have limited ability to know it way out here on the frontier, back home we have made note of your futures. It story do well for us to bring your daughter into the fold and put Victorian into the wife pool for future husbandry. Yes she wanted to be married but she was hoping she would have more input about who she was going to be matched with. Of course, she would be starting so much later than most girls do. We usually bring them in at age She will have to do some remedial My step mom nude to get caught up.

However, we have reviewed her transcripts and they are very promising. Your discipline and your well-known opposition to the suffrage movement also weighed heavily in our considerations. Still, Mrs. Cashmere raised a cautionary hand.

For the first time, Mrs. Cashmere turned her gaze at Mitten who was Housewives giving blowjobs with her hands folded in front of her. Though she was properly dressed in one of her finest, full-length frocks; green with white lace, she felt enormously insufficient in the presence of the daunting Headmistress.

Wordsmith, this part of the interview is probably best served without a man in the room. We will be discussing matters of an intimate nature that I would be uncomfortable with in mixed intercourse. Her father left the sitting room, pulling the double doors closed behind her.

As soon as the doors were closed, Mrs. Cashmere rose to her feet and strode confidently in front of Mitten. There was something so innately powerful about Mrs. Cashmere and as she strolled around obviously inspecting the prospective student. Mitten felt Naughty neighbor game Mrs. It caused Mitten to jerk up stiffly.

Cashmere looked sternly at Mitten for the first time. Cashmere just waited. I have heard that they teach about…. Cashmere face lightened slightly. Cashmere and her eyes were querying. Cashmere insisted. Mitten looked down swallowing before looking back up to speak.

I would say the best behaved students would find they receive more discipline than they ever had. Cashmere was unflinching. She set back casually in her seat, measuring everything about Mitten. Suddenly, she felt like she had spoken impertinently to the Headmistress.