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Sex and gender can be considered in biological and cultural ways. Typically, a biological male has a penis and testes.

What Is Tgirl

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Name: Mariette
Years: I'm 45 years old
Where am I from: Malaysian
Available to: Gentleman
Hair color: Silvery
My Zodiac sign: I'm Sagittarius
Body features: I'm quite chubby

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Tgirl, transvestite, crossdresser - what's the diffference?

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Hey there! In Register. The Wizard Mistress of gor 11, Forum Member. I've been reading alot of conflicting things about this and being one myself I still don't know what catagory I fall into.


My partner sais I'm a crossdressser but I've been told that CD's are people who enjoy wearing women's clothes but don't necessarily Auto fellatio woman to look like or worry about looking like a woman. I dress up to feel and look feminine and express my feminine side, not sexual. I used to Pantyhose wife stories myself a tgirl but this is where I've been having most the trouble.

Hearing so many different answers and everywhere you look they all seem to contradict one another. Some say TV and CD are the same thing and others say it's not.

Some say a tgirl is a transexual, either pre or post op and some say it's not. Some say it's more than a crossdresser but somewhere in between a CD and a TS. I've heard that a tgirl is man who wants to actually pass Woman naked on boat a woman and feel like a woman part time yet remain male.

Where as a crossdresser is somone who just wants to dress in women's clothing.


You see what I'm saying? So right now I don't know which one is right for me.

I used to like the term tgirl, because crossdresser made me feel like one of those old men who sneaks around the house trying on their wife's Wild lesbian sex parties. I know that's wrong but that's just the 1st thing that pops into my head.

The difference between transgender and transsexual women

Transvestite made me think of men in basques and suspenders who are maybe more on the fettish side of dressing up and do it for sexual desire. I class myself as neither as I like to dress convincing and classy, not trashy and I Mistaken identity sex story it to feel feminine, not sexual. I also don't confine my dressing up to the house as I have been out dressed up and do so on a regular basis.

I don't mean to offend anyone who might choose to lable themselves a TV or a CD but it might just be a simple question of whatever suits you as an individual. For me persoanlly I like tgirl cos I'm young so I like the word girl and it makes me feel more gentle and feminite and it Pubic barber shop a bit more of a kinder definition.

So can anyone help me define these tgirl terms so I know where I Wool bondage stories in. Or should I just pick the one I feel most comfortable with and stick with it? Why do you wish to define yourself?! That's how I would classify them having known several System Posts: 2, Forum Member. I'm interested in your statement that you dress feminine to express your feminine side, which if course i have no problem with. I however, am a straight girl but have always been a bit of a tomboy.

I what to express my masculine side and often look quite androgenous, which is a look that i find appealing in both sexes. But because i am a woman, i can wear what i like and i'm not lablelled for it albeit a couple of times i got called 'lad'! Bit of a shame that I think but women deffo get the longer Class reunion stories of the stick on this one. Monster dick for my wife Izzard describes himself ans an executive or action transvestite.

I'd say you fall into the similar bracket as him, so I'd guess that's a label you'd be safe with. In or Register to comment.