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Wife Caught Cheating Husband On Ellen

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Just watched Ellen, it seems like a phone prank went wrong. This was the only clip I could find. Immediately after this phone conversation Leah left stage quickly with no explanation on her behalf.

What you see on these shows are pre-arranged and set up I'm still laughing at people debating whether the Friends reunion and Jennifer Aniston seeming Ashley lands nude be unhappy during that segment on Jimmy Kimmel was a setup or not. That clip is the best I could find. It seems like a nasty joke if it was fake.

The thing that got me was their both apparent reactions.

Ellen catches husband cheating video

I could understand it being joke if it was from a show like Kimmel or the likes. There was no explination during the show and Leah pretty much left stage before there Bdsm blackmail stories be one. I don't really watch the show, but from what I gather, that seems like a pretty dark prank for her. IF it's a prank, I wonder if Beyonce phat ass was pulled on Ellen.

Ellen's face looks genuinely worried, I'd risk a bet on this being real, but equally wouldn't be shocked to hear it was staged.

Hypothetically, let's say that was a prank. Leah Boy bridesmaid stories for sure not in on it and that is totally out of character for the show. Let's play a prank on Leah to make her think her husband is having an affair!

Leah remini finds out husband is cheating on ‘ellen’ show?

I mean, it caused Leah to use the "F" word during primetime in a family friendly audience. As for the smile, I think she realized what had just Cousin cassie friends so she smiled and exited the stage as quickly as possible.

What are you gonna do? Start crying? Hell no!

Found the internet! Leah Remini's husband got "caught cheating" on the Ellen show, is it real?

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Did ellen degeneres catch leah remini's husband cheating on her? [video]

I've been trying to figure it out too. That was Pretty damn good fake from that clip.

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