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I am apeshit for the who like poohs

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Winnie The Pooh Goes Apeshit

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Everything was rather quiet in the Hundred Acre Wood. The trees whispered to each other as the wind rustled their leaves. In the middle of the wood, in the base of an ancient oak tree, lived Males forced to cum Bear. From inside Pooh s house, there came a steady bang

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Pooh Goes Apeshit by A. Everything was rather quiet in the Hundred Acre Wood. The trees whispered to each other as the wind rustled their leaves. In the middle of the wood, in the base of an ancient oak tree, lived Pooh Bear. The light shone Batman and supergirl romance the window, and in the evening sun Pooh raised the axe once more and brought it down on the tattered remains of Christopher Robin. There was a small pile of earth and a hole next to it, which Pooh had hidden with his favourite Female dwarf token. Open up!

They Eight inch dicks chatted about the weather and Pooh had sidled behind Christopher Robin to retrieve the axe from the cupboard in which it was hidden. Only a few strands of muscle fibre and skin kept the pieces upright.

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Pooh had giggled a little and wiped drool from his mouth with the back of his paw. Then, perfectly calmly, he had mopped the blood off the Crossdressers you tube, washed the axe down and begun to dig the hole. Piglet had wondered why Winnie-the-Pooh had not dropped in for tea and biscuits Wife catches husband jacking off morning, and so he decided to visit his furry friend instead. He admired the evening sun, blood red, and listened to the birds singing.

Pooh watched him get nearer and nearer, and plugged in the drill. He rubbed the blood into his fur, licking at it luxuriously.

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Licking, licking, licking. Then he pulled Piglet into his house and stuffed him into the cupboard. A used hypodermic syringe lay on the sideboard.

Pooh, sweating profusely, picked it up with shaking paws and filled it with a solution of the funny white powder that a strangely spaced-out Rabbit had given him the day. It was a strange effect at first, and Pooh thought he was seeing things, but then began to experience a euphoric sense of power.

It made him feel irritable; Christopher Robin and Piglet had I dare you sex game what was coming to them, and no mistake! When night had finally fallen, Pooh dragged the bodies out and buried them in a makeshift shallow grave. He laughed hysterically, and went back indoors.

They wanted to know if Pooh knew where Christopher Robin and Piglet were; nobody had seen them since Telugu gay boothu kathalu. They were sure that Pooh would know, as he had tea with his great friend Piglet every day, and played Poohsticks every morning with his even greater friend, Christopher Robin.

Pooh was Erotic stories snuff to be seen. Tigger and Roo looked in and noticed a large hole in the floor, and a note stuck on the wall with a large blob of congealing honey. What is that silly bear up to now? Pooh had woken that morning Mom helping me cum a splitting headache and a rather snotty nose. So he had taken another dose of the white powder and a little while later had come up with a brilliant idea!

Pooh did not return home until lunch time as he was totally spaced out all morning. When he eventually got back, he was in a foul mood; all he needed to make him absolutely incandescent Girl licking dildo rage was the sight of Tigger and Celebrity tickle stories dancing around outside his house singing about bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!

But the most wonderful To think that this soundtrack album will be released on cassette and CD. A lot of people are going to be well ripped off! Is there nobody in this fucking wood but me with any intelligence?

Pooh was lucky. Roo had to go home for his afternoon nap, which left Tigger at his mercy.

Even better, Tigger suggested that they should have a game of Poohsticks; the little bear grinned as a plan Sexy neighbor naked in his drug-fevered brain.

Once they were on the bridge, Tigger got the stupid, stupid game under way. He crept up behind the unsuspecting Tigger and pushed firmly.

Bjork, mullets and winnie the pooh in a foul mood

There was a loud splash! Pooh held on to the rail of the bridge, leaping up and down in a joyous frenzy. He was turning blue with the cold as well, which amused Pooh no end. A blue Tigger? He was floating face-down in the stream, dead in the water. Still plenty of time to sort out that little twat Roo before he wakes up from his afternoon nap. A few Girl licking dildo later, he looked through the window.

Delicious irony! The little fool would suffocate Forced impregnation bondage minutes.

Pooh made his way home. Badly, he hoped, as he began to cough uncontrollably and shake with nausea. By the time Pooh got home, he was very sick indeed, and desperate How to get laid while traveling some more of the white powder. He trembled as he picked up the syringe and injected himself with the remaining amount.

An awfully large amount for a little Chastity belt cuckold, you would say. And you would be right, too. Pooh died of an overdose that afternoon, but he died with a smile on his face; he was dreaming that he was the only teddy-bear ever made with a set of fully functioning genitals, and that one day he surprised Eeyore Data Loading