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Shani girl hunting for leaving especially for Witcher

You will receive this quest when you get rid of Vlodimir at the end of the " Dead Man's Party " quest.

Witcher 3 Shani Leaving

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Return to the Alchemy Inn in Oxenfurt to begin the final quest, and speak to Master Mirror inside the tavern. You can also head directly to the Temple 5 pussy suprise Lilvani. While Shani is permitted to enter the Academy, Geralt will need to find another way in. Turn back and cross the bridge, then head down to the riverbank and swim across the narrow channel to reach the underside of the Academy. Head around the base of the structure to your right and kill the small group of drowners that are Xxx stories taboo there, then wait for Shani to drop you a rope from the top of the wall.

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Quick question, and yes, I suppose there will be spoilers mentioned here, so don't read this if you don't want to.

Anyways, near the end, you can do an optional mission of going to see Shani again after talking to the mirror man in the tavern and he stops My mom jacks me off. I go see her, and then go do the other optional mission to see the blind cultist guy.

Before she leaves once she gets you in, she says something like 'come see me before I leave', as I believe she said she was heading to Kaedwin. I finished the expansion, credits and all, but there was no chance to see her again. Pyro guy cheats I missing something, or was that all?

I'm curious if that was all; I didn't see My wife at a swingers club before doing the final mission though there was no mission to do soor I can go see her now, though there is no marker to do so, so it's not easy to find her medical place. If that was all, that kind of stinks.

How does romance work in the witcher 3?

She's still there, you can go see her. Her place is in the run down side of town near the edge of the water.

Is there a cutscene? Edti - Oh. I actually just searched for it on Google and saw that you can.

Witcher 3 hearts of stone: how to romance shani

Seems others thought the same thing though what they talk about is 'off topic'. It's weird that they don't make it a bigger deal, like Yandere harley quinn "Alright, all is done. Time to go see Shani again!

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