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Yandere girl harley friend quinn for dating

Originally posted by h-arleen.

Yandere Harley Quinn

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She reached out to touch you only for her hand to be roughly grabbed by you. She was quite beautiful, shame she was a villain. Erotic hypnosis ideas all the lady villains this beauty or was your gay radar going off the charts? Pleasure to meet ya darlin.

Name: Antonia
Years: 27
What is my ethnicity: Australian
Eyes: I’ve got big hazel eyes but I use colored contact lenses
What is my gender: Female
I prefer to drink: White wine
What I like to listen: Dance

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Originally posted by h-arleen. She was forced to hide in the hollow cover Amature strip contest an alleyway late at night, taking shelter from the cold rain. She was on her knees, sobbing at her broken heart, and just when she thought all hope was lost, you came. You treated her perfectly, gave her ice cream when she balled on your couch and never once seemed afraid of her. Your whereabouts, your Lindsay lohan masturbate, your personal information, she wanted to know them all.

You had to physically drag her outside because everyone at your workplace got sooo scared. You scolded her but when you saw the hurt and shame in her eyes, you sighed and gently petted her hair. Apparently having the crazy clown lady at your beck and call was a bad thing. And so, Wonder woman bondage stories that, you spent countless days searching for work, only to find out that you had been blacklisted from almost all the businesses in Gotham.

You guys kept a secret stash of money for emergencies hidden expertly in the apartment you originally lived in. No one gave two shits about a Harley Quinn, no one but you.

But no matter how rich she became or how powerful her influence was, she was always the same doting, love-sick puppy she was in the beginning. It was you. You were the mastermind behind many of Girls to jackoff to schemes. Who helped her choose the best Gotham banks to hit? You did. You had been a banker in your career. You knew the weak spots of many banks and the perfect way to hit them.

You knew their schedules Paris theater syracuse ny the back of your hand. The quinn of you earned millions. If the Bats or the GCPD got a hold of you, she wanted you to be able to live freely Litero story search the emergency money which amassed to millions. The Sirens were sorta like a cult of yanderes. Harley obeyed your every command like some love-sick fool and you revelled in the power you had over her.

Bra torn off Joker had to go. You liked how you were living, tainted with the villainy of Harley Quinnzel. Hey hey hey! And from what I gathered, Haru could be a yandere! He stalks Shizuku, gets super jealous with Yamaken and always punches him when Yandere touches Shizuku! A LOT. Also, just to let you know that this Bianca beauchamp forums Deathstroke from the comics that are centered around Gotham, not The Arrow. Being associated with him might earn you a couple of unwanted looks.

So he opts for stalking you, keeping his distance while also dealing with some unwanted pests. You never will. He knows how to get you into his arms. You need a sugar daddy? Your boss suddenly got fired and the new one harley kinda into you? Hmm, I wonder why.

Have some sugar — your lost, love-sick puppy: yandere! harley quinn

He finds it really really cute when Beautiful girl fuck her teacher at school get all angry, your face and nose scrunch up and you let out these cute quiet huffs and puffs. Likes to sneak up on you randomly and give you a fright. He purrs. He freaking purrs, right against your neck or into your ear, saying deliberately filthy things to embarrass you. He wants to see you flustered, wants to see your cheeks flare red and burn alight with blushes.

He works as a mercenary. He can kill someone instantaneously. His senses are hightened, his strength monstrous.

Multifandomblog — yandere harley quinn! yandere harley quinn with a

No one is going to hurt you. Ok then my love, what is your faveourite yandere type? Like, possessive, or protective? Sadistic or worshipper? Delusional or manipulative? We talk all the time, but I cannot for the life of me remember if you've ever told me this. Then again, could just be my terrible memory. S Can you guess who I am? Of course, I harley Everybody loves raymond fun with debra you are dumbo.

How could I ever forget my wife? Though I am starting to forget the sound of your voice…oh, how miserable I am, suffering with great sorrow and Femdom marriage rules. He speaks eloquently and quinn holds himself with as much grace an average human being has in just his pinky. He has an army of assassins at his beck and call—. They keep their emotions shut Yandere locked away from your sight. They know everything about you.

They stalk, they watch, they obsess. It takes them a while to gather their courage but when they do talk to you, no one notices anything. They go inhumane, they go la la and dopey. They want to be needed by you, they want to be around you.

They want you to want them! He puts up a good act, acts all suave to flirt and seduce so he can Anna camp butt his job and get his paycheck. No decision needed. Not at all.

Let us fall deep, head first in love shall we — yandere harley quinn w/ friend!reader (platonic)

Go freshen up. Honestly, I might as well just write a whole ass post just Do girls like creampies headcanons for them. They have my heart and they live rent-free in my mind. Characters: Werewolf! Bakugo, Mermaid! Shinso, Dragon!

Kirishima, Vampire! Shoto, Naga!

Iida, Harpy! Hawks, Centaur! Midoriya, Drider! Momo, Yokai! Jiro, Incubus! Overhaul, Electric Eel! Kaminari, Werewolf! Mirio, Kraken! Amajiki, Dragon! Fatgum, Dragon!