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THE beautiful Embarrassing beach stories cargo of Harcourt Fenton Mudd Season 1, Episode 6 — shown above was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to galactic babes on the original Star Trek. Besides the fact that the Enterprise dress code required micro-minis for all female crew members, it seemed like every episode provided an opportunity for some sci-fi eye candy.

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Janice L. Rand was a Starfleet non-commissioned officerand later commissioned officeron active duty in at least the 23rd century. Star Trek: The Original Series.

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As a non-commissioned officer, Janice Rand underwent two years of training at Starfleet as opposed to the four for commissioned officers and was a petty officer first class upon completion of that training. Janice Rand was originally ased to Lesbian gyno exams Enterprise 's quartermaster department, then was reased as yeoman to the new captain, James T.

Kirkin She initially lacked confidence due to her secret. She also had a roommate who intimidated her.

Enterprise: The First Adventure. Rand reed the Enterprise crew insucceeding the interim Captain's Yeoman, Barbara Smithand seemed to have a newfound assertiveness and confidence. She was popular amongst the Enterprise crew, only second to Nyota Uhuraher close friend.

Rand also felt sorry for Charles Evansa year-old orphan given extraordinary powers by the Thasians. TOS : " Charlie X ". Despite the mutual attraction between Kirk and Rand, the two never took their relationship beyond the professional level, and Rand left the Enterprise. InRand took leave from at least shipboard duties in Starfleet to give birth to a Wife has rape fantasy, Annie.

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However, the child only lived to be two years old. After the V'Ger incident, she elected to remain aboard the Enterprisenow under Admiral Kirk's command. Star Trek: The Motion Picture. After this, she trained to Dad impregnates daughter sex stories an officer and gained the rank of en after three years.

Rand undertook Command Training and was commissioned as a lieutenant about She was then posted to the USS Constitution as a navigator. His Name is Mudd. Orion Press : " Changes ".

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ByJanice Rand held the rank of lieutenant and was stationed at Starfleet Headquarters as a senior communications officer. Orion Press : Chekov's Enterprise. On USS Excelsiorunder Captain Amateur nude outside Suluin and for at least five years thereafter, Rand was both chief communications officer and executive officer. Rand would later opine to Nyota Uhura and Christine Chapel : "I never in all my rand aboard the Enterprise felt a part of 'the family' I've never felt a part of anything no matter where I've been posted, other than as a part of history.

Janice Rand must have had at nude one child, because her granddaughter, Alice Randserved as a vice admiral in Starfleet in the late 24th century. InRand returned to the Enterprise as a full lieutenant in the Stories of gay rape division, and was placed in command of the vessel during its skirmish with an alien vessel. She was part of the mission team sent to the USS Copernicus. Roughly 30 years later, when Rand and Sulu served on Excelsior together, and Demora was visiting the ship, Rand teased Sulu, "Don't look so worried," and he mock-threatened to yeoman her back to yeoman if Hot moms in g string said that one more time.

ByCommander Rand had been promoted to the post of first officer of the Excelsiorthen under the command of Captain Nyota Uhura. The two women would serve Son inpregnates mother in those positions for ten years. Her death was mourned by Captains Uhura and Chekov and Commander Saavikwho succeeded her as first officer.

Starship Triton : "New Orders", "Confrontations" Rand's taking the post ruffled the feathers of Commander Norma Lorianwho had served as acting exec on the Triton for the two months. On TritonRand was reunited with Christine Chapelnow the ship's chief medical officerand Lojurwho had been chief helm officer and second officer on Excelsior.

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Janice Rand in Grace Lee Whitney. Officers of the starship Excelsior. Styles Sulu. Rand Floyd.

Lojur Fulton. Jaeger Harden Parker.

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Valtane Jordan Tork. Farley Peterson. James T. Senior officers of the starships Triton. Lorian acting Rand.